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Veneman Furniture To Move Into Larger High Point Showroom

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The Veneman Group, which has been showing at High Point since 2003, will open a new showroom at Hamilton Market, Suite 121 for the 2008 Spring High Point Market. “We have enjoyed our experience as a tenant of Merchandise Properties in various venues around the country, and are extremely happy to be associated with them at High Point,” said Bill Markowitz, president of The Veneman Group. “We are always excited when one of our tenants experiences such growth in their business that they require additional showroom space,” said Tom Mitchell, senior vice president of Merchandise Properties, Inc. “We have watched Veneman evolve into a leading trend-setter in outdoor furniture design and are thrilled with their commitment to High Point Market.” Markowitz adds: “ Over the last few years we have experienced tremendous growth in line with our strategy for expansion. Our new, expanded space will promote our expertise in offering unusually artful, yet comfortable high quality outdoor-durable furniture.” Veneman’s new product introductions at the Spring High Point Market reflect the growth in time people are spending outdoors. Its trademark products -- ultra-comfortable pool beds and outdoor chaise lounges -- will be complemented by sleek new shapes, modular features and a wide variety of finishes. 2008 Offerings – From Customized Pieces to Ergonomic Design Veneman’s Cyrk classic lounge and dining chairs were created by Stephane Dupoux, an interior designer known for his distinctive, exotic style and bringing the natural world into his designs. The Cyrk was designed to accommodate urban lifestyles, ideal for condos and town homes. Veneman’s introduction of the Low Sand Chaise also suits today’s transitional lifestyles with its unusual, sleek curves and modular design. Veneman will introduce its Pearl Lounge Outdoor Day Bed, which makes a statement with its oval, “jellybean” shape and ultra-comfortable deep seating. Veneman’s new woven free-standing 12-foot wide commercial-grade quality umbrella customizes traditional casual dining and seating. Providing shade and protection in harsh weather, it is ideal for an outdoor ‘home” office scenario. The umbrella comes in 12 shades in eco-friendly fabric, and complements Veneman’s classically comfortable pieces. Veneman is also introducing bold new finish colors such as Twilight Twinkle (lavender), aqua and citrus. The Veneman showroom will be open beginning in April. For more information about Veneman Furniture, visit www.venemanfurniture.com.

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