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PROFITsystems Version 11.3 Release Focuses On Ease Of Use

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PROFITsystems, Inc., a leading software provider for the home goods industry, has announced the release of PROFITprofessional 11.3. This year’s release has focused on ease-of-use and additional management tools, according to Jeff Niskern, President and CEO of PROFITsystems. “The ever changing landscape of the retail environment dictates that we adapt to meet the new needs of our clients,” said Niskern. “Our focus has always been and will continue to be on what the clients require to improve their day-to-day processes and their profitability,” he continued. PROFITprofessional 11.3 continues to offer the profit enhancing features that have made PROFITsystems the premier solutions provider to the home goods industry. Focusing on the “5 SMART steps” that consist of spotting winners, maintaining winners, auto-move “dogs”, rewarding high gross margin sales, and targeting mailing existing clients, has been a successful pattern for their clients, and is a large component of the newest release. Highlights of PROFITprofessional 11.3 include: -Export to QuickBooks to allow additional financial reports formatted in a way familiar to both store managers and accountants. -Enhancements to the Customer Care Center, the lifeline to a store’s client information and follow-up program. -Additional reports for management, such as sales goal administration and new financial reporting, along with superior scheduling, printing, and email capabilities. -Other highlights include new shortcuts, simplified finalization of work processes, as well as additional features and tasks that can be accomplished from one screen providing uncomplicated job management. Mitch Hight, CIO of PROFITsystems concludes, “With over 250 client-specific requests included in this year’s release, we are pleased to be able to listen to what our clients are saying and respond to what they are asking for. Each new adaptation of the software helps our clients streamline their processes and improves their ability to achieve and maintain profitability.” PROFITsystems is a leading provider of home goods management software, consulting, and retail business solutions. PROFITprofessional features include fully integrated inventory management and accounting systems. PROFITsystems was also recently ranked in Inc. 5000’s inaugural list of the 5,000 fastest growing businesses in the United States.

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