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Stainsafe Introduces GreenGard Eco-Wise Furniture Care & Protection Products

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Stainsafe, a Palm Beach Capital Company and leading furniture services provider, recently announced the launch of GreenGard, Eco-Wise Furniture Care Products and Protection Programs. GreenGard Eco-Wise Furniture Care and Protection Products are water-based, ozone friendly, non-carcinogenic, phosphate free and contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAP’s). GreenGard products are also packaged using Eco-Wise materials, including recyclable containers and an outer package made from recycled materials such as recycled paper. Included in the GreenGard Eco-Wise Furniture Care kits will be an application sponge sourced from Soy, a natural and renewable resource. GreenGard is also planning to launch this new brand using point of sale materials printed on locally sourced sugar cane paper, an Eco-Wise choice which is also a renewable resource. “We believe the introduction of GreenGard, with its Eco-Wise products and packaging materials, is a way for Stainsafe to help support customers and consumers in their efforts to do what’s better for the environment, all while continuing to help consumers protect their valuable furniture and possessions,” said Stainsafe Executive Vice-President, Karen Gough. Studies show that Americans care about doing what they can to help protect their environment and if given the choice many will opt for green products over traditional products even if they have to pay a little more. A survey conducted by WPP’s Landor Associates, Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates and Cohn & Wolfe indicates that American spending on green products in 2008 will double. It also shows that 82% of Americans believe there is a true importance for companies to implement environmentally friendly practices. According to Gough, “GreenGard is certainly a socially responsible product introduction, but given the overall consumer interest in ‘green’, it is also a smart business decision.” GreenGard Eco-Wise Products will be available directly from Stainsafe or through an official Stainsafe Representative. For more information regarding GreenGard Eco-Wise Products, or to locate a local Sales Representative, contact Kiley Peckinpaugh at email: kileyp@stainsafe.com. Founded in 1985, Stainsafe is a long time provider of furniture and bedding protection products and programs. Stainsafe also offers professional grade furniture care and repair products.

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