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Online Product Locating Virtual Catalog To Be Unveiled In High Point

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Furnishings.com, Inc., (FCI), a San Francisco-based information technology company announced that it will preview a precise and robust online home furnishings product-locating system and virtual catalog at the High Point Market. Known as Market-IDS (Information Distribution System), the complimentary showroom directory and product content service will be accessible at supervised kiosks in the International Home Furnishings Center. The program’s customizable content incorporates FCI’s advanced digital suite of subscription services tailored for retailers and designers, with product data supplied by manufacturers. “Exclusively at this market and soon from desktops and laptops, retailers and designers who depend so much on fresh product information can quickly get answers to a couple of key questions that always include, who makes what and where can I get it?,” says Don Legnitto, FCI president. With formal introduction set for the fall market in October here, the preview version of Market IDS presents product data initially from many charter exhibitors, on touch screen kiosks that include select market events, activities, entertainment, and a directory of IHFC showrooms. Discussions are underway to place Market IDS kiosks in as many High Point showroom buildings in the future. Under FCI’s proprietary content management and search system, participating manufacturers provide comprehensive product information in text, graphics, video and audio formats as a virtual catalog for unlimited and controlled online access (search) by merchants and designers. MORE? With continuous — any hour every day — real time online immediacy and flexibility, vendors can change or limit product information, such as availability and pricing, as warranted or desired. “For retailers and designers, having a comprehensive up to date online product locator system, with rich graphics and information, is more efficient, economical and less time consuming than flipping through paper catalogs that are almost always dated the moment they are printed,” Legnitto explains. With FCI’s universal content management system, manufacturers can exchange and provide accurate product information in real time throughout their sales channels. The digital platform always providing accurate results and guarantees products are always accessible at retail or in a designer consultation with clients. IDS users can employ detailed searches in several ways, including product queries on a manufacturer’s name or generic category or product attribute such as, “Entertainment centers for a 48-inch television in walnut.” An intelligent business tool, IDS helps retailers and designers find products in many variations of color, style, category, name, function, detail, use, room and many other common attributes. “As a retailer, having access to more product knowledge is power that builds trust in meeting the needs of customers who need as much information as possible,” says Mark Bograd, a FCI advisory board member and chief executive officer, Bograd’s, Riverdale, New Jersey. At market, the retailer says he will encourage Bograd’s vendors to subscribe to FCI’s product-finding services. “This is an important a great tool that helps us quickly find exactly what customers want,” he says. During Spring market, kiosk locations include lobbies of the Commerce, Green and Main wings, in addition to Inter Hall, Retailer Resource Center, IHFC leasing office in InterHall and Designer Resource Center which will also serve as FCI’s home base of operations. Product demonstrations are available upon request. Contact Bill Goebel, 336-202-6485 and via e-mail, highpoint@furnishings.com.

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