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U.S. Department of Commerce Certifies AWFS®Fair

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The U.S. Department of Commerce has chosen the AWFS®Fair to participate for the second time in its International Buyer Program and will again be helping bring more international buyers, representatives, and distributors to the 2009 show. The AWFSFair is one of less than 40 tradeshows to be certified for the program. Under the Program, the U.S. Commercial Service will promote the AWFSFair through their overseas offices in more than 80 countries. Prior to the show, U.S. Commercial Service Trade Specialists will offer both exhibitors and international delegates a matchmaking services as well as marketing analysis and counseling on how to set up an export program. “This partnership is the culmination of years of hard work to attract international attendees,” Ana Druk, International Relations Coordinator, AWFS, said. “We've proven we are an international show, forged relationships with international publications, traveled to overseas shows to promote AWFS members and introduced an Export Interest Directory, It's been very successful. We're now drawing buyers and visitors from over 53 countries.” U.S. Commercial Service Trade Specialists, who are also industry experts, will organize official delegations of pre-qualified potential buyers, representatives and distributors to attend the Fair, and help staff the show's on-site International Business Center. AWFS also produces an Export Interest Directory that lists products and services offered by exhibitors worldwide which is distributed to international delegates and made available to exhibitors and attendees during the Fair. In addition, AWFS exhibitors can pre-screen delegates the trade specialists are bringing from foreign countries and make appointments to meet them at the show. “The Department of Commerce's support gives our exhibitors excellent resources to expand their business globally,” Archie Thompson, National Sales Manager, Mid South Adhesives and AWFS Trade Show Chair. “AWFS members also benefit from when they themselves go overseas. The will have a ready list of companies and buyers to call on.” “Developing and strengthening our relationship with the Department of Commerce has been a key component in our goal to expand the AWFSFair internationally,” Angelo Gangone, Executive Director, AWFS, explained.. “Our continued partnership proves we've been able to take our show to the next level on the international scene.” For further information about the International Buyer Program, contact Druk, at (818) 879-8813 or fax (818) 879-8815, or email ADruk@aol.com. The AWFSFair, held biennially in the Los Angeles area since 1957, moved to the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2005, resulting in more than a 20 percent increase in both exhibitors and attendees. The 2009 “AWFS®Vegas” is expected to be even larger than the unprecedented size of the 2007 “AWFSVegas” due to the continually increasing global participation. For more information about 2009 “AWFSVegas,” go to www.AWFSFair.org or call (800) 946-AWFS (2937). Founded in 1911, AWFS is the largest trade association serving the entire home and commercial furnishings industry. AWFS has an international membership that includes manufacturers and distributors of machinery, hardware, lumber, upholstery, materials, bedding and other supplies to furniture, cabinet manufacturers and custom woodworkers.

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