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The Kaleidoscope Partnership Announces Program To Help Retailers Leverage Website Presence

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The Kaleidoscope Partnership announces a shift in service offerings to help retailers and manufacturers maximize their sales by capitalizing on the profound changes taking place in the research and buying patterns of today’s consumer. Leslie Carothers, founder of TKP and sales trainer and consultant for over 30 furniture industry companies nationwide, says, “For the past two years, I have seen that there is a demand for services from my clients and the industry in general to identify ways – quickly - that they can use their websites and the power of the internet to increase their sales and drive future revenue. In response to this demand, I have used my core competencies in analysis, training, writing and community building to build a new service strategy to add measurable value to my client partners.” Using real time metrics from website analytics to align online and offline strategies to maximize conversions from consumer online shopping behavior. Training sales teams how to use the phone and internet effectively to convert web-based inquiries into sales. Writing relevant content for websites, corporate blogs and other e-publications to maximize click-throughs and conversions. E-mystery shopping to provide retailers and manufacturers real time feedback in order to maximize phone selling skills and conversions. Developing, managing and moderating online reputation communities and internal social networking communities in order to build loyalty, trust, transparency and referrals. Clients that have used TKP’s services in one or more of the above ways currently include: Baer’s Furniture, Gallery Furniture in Houston and Hooker Furniture. Leslie also writes Furniture Today’s online column “Retail Ideas” and a new series in Furniture World magazine called “Technology and Retail” for best practice solutions.” Leslie Carothers founded The Kaleidoscope Partnership in 2002 after a 20 yr. career in retail home furnishings design, sales and management. Originally conceived as a sales training and consulting business for retailers, TKP has evolved to meet the needs of the industry with respect to becoming fast, smart and successful at using online strategies to drive offline profit and growth. For more information, visit The Kaleidoscope Partnership’s website at www.tkpartnership.com or contact Leslie directly at leslie@tkpartnership.com or by calling 713.705.2482.

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