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Change Your Words ~ Increase Your Sales Success

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By Jamie Lee Silver Are you being held back in your life because of the words you’re using? You may not even be aware of these phrases? Read on to see how changing your words can change your professional life in the home furnishings business and beyond! You’ve got a big sales presentation today that you’ve been dreading for some time. Your customer is furnishing a large opulent home, and it could mean a lot of money and prestige for both you and your company. You sit down with your sales manager and truthfully tell her you’re fearful about this meeting and you’ve been frustrated by how long it has taken to prepare for and deliver this presentation. She gives you her best pep talk and sends you off. Later, during the meeting, you notice something is just not working well. Your hands are moist, your breathing is shallow, you’re afraid. You don’t come across as being confident and trustworthy. The prospective client doesn’t feel comfortable giving you the business, and you leave with nothing to show for all your hard work. What if you could have been “curious” instead of afraid, and “fascinated” instead of frustrated? How could this day have gone better? If you start the day curious and fascinated, your focus is on the potential client, instead of yourself. You come across as interested and enthusiastic, two key factors in sales success. Your fascination is enjoyable for both you and the prospective client and your enthusiasm is contagious and you walk out with the sale! Do you have an instance that a change of words can have a great impact in your life? Words represent our thoughts, deeds, energy, and focus. Yet, most people only use 1% of all the words in the English language. What if you could discover and use better words? Words that not only describe what you want to say, but also actually change the way you think and feel in a positive way? Skeptical? Try this one on for size. Making this one word change has been known to dramatically alter lives: the word is overwhelmed. What does the word overwhelmed represent? “I have little or no power at the office” “My problems are bigger than I am” “There’s no hope for relief and it will never change” What would you be saying and thinking if you switched to saying “In Demand” instead? “I’m important” “I’m needed” “I’m choosing where to give my time and talents” “I’m proud” At work you may feel you have way too much to do, and more keeps coming in every day. Your inbox is full, you haven’t answered your e-mails, the phone keeps ringing, and in an effort to stop the onslaught, you go into your boss’s office and announce that you are overwhelmed. How does that make you look to your boss? What does a boss think of someone who is overwhelmed? Do you think they are going to recommend you for that next raise or that plumb assignment that you want to take on? Not if you’re overwhelmed they won’t! What if you decided to use the phrase “in demand” instead? Try it on for size. Think: “I’m in demand.” Do you notice your posture adjusting? Do you feel your shoulders going back, your chest coming up? Do you feel that your lungs are capable of taking in more air now? Why? Because you’re in-demand! You’re important. You’re needed. You’re key to getting things done. When you’re in demand it’s up to you to choose wher-e you distribute your gifts -- you don’t have to feel pulled in many directions. You’re in demand for goodness sakes! You’ve just raised yourself notches up the scale of importance in your organization. So, are you overwhelmed or in demand? It’s up to you! You can choose either word, but which would you rather be? That’s the real question! Choose your words carefully the universe is listening! Think about this: who is the most important person to hear your words? That’s right, it’s you! Do you ever have “problems” in the workplace? What does the word “problem” represent? -“I’m not in control” -“I have no power” -“This circumstance is bigger than I am” -“My life is stagnant” What could you use instead? How about “challenge”? What does this word represent? -“I choose to take this on” -“I have a puzzle to solve” -“I’m going to get to the top of this hill, and once I’ve conquered it – I’ll put my flag on it, and have a great story to tell!” Which would you rather be? It’s all up to you! Some other examples: Negative Word: Stressed -“I’m not in control” -“I have no power” -“I see no end to this suffering” Positive Word: Energized -“I’m poised for action!” -“I’m excited about taking on this challenge!” -“I’m psyched and ready!” Negative word: Exhausted -“I’m used up” -“I’m drained of resources” -“My air has been let out – I’m empty” Positive phrase: In need of recharging -“It’s time to refresh my energy” -“It’s time to recharge my batteries” -“In no time at all I’ll be good as new” Negative Word: Depressed -“I’m held down” -“I’m flattened” -“I’m miserable” Positive Phrase: Ready for a Breakthrough! -“I’m energized” -“I’m revving up” -“I’m moving on” It’s entirely your choice. There’s no end to what you can create. You can live a life of excitement and fulfillment. If you challenge yourself to change your words, you will change your life! About the Author: Jamie Lee Silver is a speaker and author. Her program, “Change Your Words ~ Change Your Life,” is a lively and interactive presentation that teaches participant to replace disempowering words and phrases with ones that inspire and energize. Jamie is the Director of Sales and Community Outreach at a vibrant living community near Chicago, IL. She can be contacted at: 630-926-3001.

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