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For Better Sleep Month, Sleep America Hosts Sleep Seminars

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Sleep America announce that it is partnering to partner with REM Medical for the month of May to host sleep seminars. May is Better Sleep Month certified by The Better Sleep Council. On Wednesday, May 21st, Thursday, May 22nd and Friday, May 23rd, Sleep America President Debbie Gaby along with REM Medical physicians will be hosting sleep seminars at various Sleep America locations. The sleep seminars, which last an hour, are set up to raise awareness of the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Sleep, like food or water, is necessary to live. Yet, sleep is often overlooked. These sleep seminars will help Arizona residents to understand why sleep is important to our health and why it is not a waste of time. The seminar will also go over sleep hygiene, the difference between normal and abnormal sleep, and when a snore means more. REM Medical is the Valley’s leading comprehensive sleep medicine center treating all sleep disorders. REM Medical is staffed with nationally recognized board certified sleep physicians including the President of the American Sleep Apnea Association. With several locations in Phoenix, REM Medical is an established area leader using state of the art diagnostic equipment and the latest sleep medicine advances. Sleep America is the largest mattress retailer in Arizona. Founded in 1997 by Debbie Gaby and her husband, Len, Sleep America has over 150 employees and 45 store locations statewide. The duo blended their experience—his in the mattress supply and furniture industries and hers in interior design and real estate—to launch the venture. This year Sleep America proudly celebrates eleven successful years in business. For the Sleep America store nearest you call 1-888-94-SLEEP. For more information contact Patty Barney at 602.442.6525 patty.barney@sleepamerica.com or go to www.sleepamerica.com.

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