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Ecology Set To Be A Tangible Experience At Orgatec

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When Orgatec opens its doors in Cologne from 21st to 25th October, visitors will be able to experience live which themes dominate the office of tomorrow and which ones will set the pace in the object business. Amazingly, and at the same time exactly in keeping with the mainstream, one of the striking trends is not mainly focused on “hardware” such as conference tables, chairs and filing cabinets. For many exhibitors the green conscience and clean ecological balance sheet are a substantial theme. For good reason, consumers have discovered environmental responsibility. They want to consume, live and work without having a guilty conscience. That is why the demand for products with a perfect “Green Life” has also reached company board level, architects and interior designers. In future office chairs, desks, reception desks and loungers must therefore not only function perfectly, but also prove their ecologically-compatible credentials during manufacture, in sales & marketing and the disposal process. Sustainable, clean solutions are required, and there are enough of these at the world’s leading trade fair for Office and Object! Recycling and waste separation As environmental protection is good, but sustainability is better, long durability is particularly setting the trend. In future the product cycles will be longer, repairs and services are all part of those arguments which are regarded as very significant. The theme of recycling is also assuming new importance. That is why recycling instead of “downcycling” is consciously playing a large role in the office of tomorrow. In future components will be purposefully selected on the basis of whether they can be reintroduced into the waste materials recovery cycle without large friction loss. Companies are focusing increasing attention on the fact that the quality of the raw materials is not reduced in the recycling chain. Recycling is thus being taken literally. Pure waste-type sorting and separation offers a decisive basis for this. In this connection office chairs, which can be 99% materials and components-sorted, are no longer a rarity, because only then are the materials’ characteristics mostly retained. And only then is the environmental balance sheet more or less correct. Of course the eco theme is nothing new at all for the office and object furnishers, indeed for many companies in the sector it has even been a standard feature for years. But at Orgatec the theme will be a talking point with striking presentations, while marketing aids and information will provide further focal points. Because what is new is the customers’ immense interest, their thirst for knowledge and specific, targeted questions. Since global warming and climatic protection have been on everyone’s lips, universal, environmental responsibility has become a key sales argument. And the aim is to make this easily comprehensible to people through clever concepts and catchy, stylish statements. Energy efficiency Just how serious the industry is taking environmental and climatic protection is already documented by several exhibitors in the run-up to the fair with their encouraging news. In this connection, one manufacturer from Lower Saxony has just put online a state-of-the art thermal power station which is powered by sustainable raw materials. As a result, the CO 2 emissions can be reduced by 78% (!). But the green conscience is not only documented through such splendid headlines. The keyword “life cycle” has also made its way into the designers’ consciousness. In future it will be exactly examined under ecological aspects. Potentially harmful environmental effects are being increasingly minimized before, during and after production. In addition, the newly aroused environmental awareness is also finding expression in minimalist design and reduced material application. Accessories and components, which do not have to undergo a sophisticated, complicated production process in the first place, are the most environmentally-friendly. Less is more – not only due to the good design but also the raw materials. Tables are slender and delicate as never before and still come with all the necessary static arguments. And with 18 million office workers in Germany a considerable amount of raw materials could thus be saved. Sustainable raw materials With a high ecological sense of responsibility, the materials used are subject to an exact examination. In this connection, dubious or potentially hazardous materials and finishing processes are rejected in order to avoid placing an even greater burden on the environment. The industry is willingly dispensing with critical substances. Instead, natural and sustainable raw materials such as wood, cotton, flax and cork are being preferred. With their “green balance sheet” they fit perfectly into the office of the future and can be elegantly integrated in ecologically-orientated design concepts. Eco audits The necessary safety in environmental management and process technologies is now ensured by certifications and labels. They help the industry and trade in the right selection and provide a basis for reliable decisions. The European Environmental norm EMAS 2 (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme – also known as eco audit) is certainly one of the most important quality seals. The eco audit relies heavily on the members’ own responsibility and voluntary cooperation. In addition, the international ISO standards and the Blue Angel continue to play a role. Apart from these, there is the “Cradle-to-Cradle certificate”, which certifies several components all at once. In this connection the use of environmentally-friendly, healthy materials, solar energy and regenerative energy forms, the responsible use of water as well as strategies aimed at social obligations for companies are assessed. The future belongs to those products, which ensure that really all the environmental concerns are systematically determined and controlled. Half-hearted solutions in office and object planning are a thing of the past. The future is going GREEN. From 21st to 25th October 2008 Cologne and its Orgatec will once again become the international meeting place covering all aspects of the Office & Object theme. At the leading fair for the sector over 700 suppliers from around 40 countries are expected in Cologne – including all the market leading companies. At the same time the focal points of furnishings, lighting, flooring, acoustics and AV technology will be impressively represented in the exhibition range with these themes receiving even greater attention. Content-wise Orgatec 2008 will be held under the “Better Office – Greater Success” heading. The question about the office workplace of the future will also be covered by the Ultima Office – a highlight in the communication programme. “In recent years Orgatec has clearly positioned itself as a theme fair and will once again clearly enhance this profile with the new hall layout in 2008”, said Oliver P. Kuhrt, Executive Vice-President Koelnmesse. “The concept, which presents future-orientated themes and solutions, identifies trends and thus generates impulses for the entire industry, is proving to be very successful. The participation at Orgatec 2008 by renowned companies from all over the world conclusively confirms this.” It is expected that around 60 percent of exhibitors in Cologne will come from abroad. After the German manufacturers and in keeping with their market significance, the Italian industry will provide the most comprehensive ranges. Other strong participations come from Spain, Great Britain, Poland, Turkey and Switzerland. Especially aimed at smaller and medium-sized suppliers, joint stands offer an attractive form of presentation. Group stands from Italy, Spain, Croatia as well as Asia are being prepared for this purpose. For the first time the exhibition space at Orgatec extends across all the new Northern Halls – namely Halls 6, 7, 8 and 9 – as well as Halls 10.1, 10.2 and 11.2 of the Southern Halls. The event will thus occupy total gross exhibition space of around 130,000 m 2 . In this connection, all the halls can be accessed via the Trade Fair Boulevard (Messeboulevard) the central connecting axis between the halls and entrances, are linked with each other, and as a result, accessible in the shortest time. For more information visit www.orgatec.de

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