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Luxury Mattress Manufacturer Magniflex Announces Lower Pricing Across Its Major Collections

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Luxury Italian mattress designer and manufacturer Magniflex announced new pricing for select products across all of its major collections, including its classic, precious metals and GeoEthic lines. As a world-wide mattress producer, the company said that by leveraging its ability to better source raw materials, it was able to lower prices by 20 to 45 percent for some of its most popular products. Magniflex is world-renown for using natural materials such as soy, bamboo, corn and gold, in all of its products. Magniflex’s Gold Bed, which previously retailed for $24,000 in queen, will now sell for $10,000. Six mattresses in the GeoEthic Collection, the most advanced collection of natural oil-based memory foam mattresses, will now retail from $1,299 to $5,499, reflecting a price drop of up to 45 percent. Six GeoEthic models are priced under $3,000. “We recognized early on that the demand for eco bedding will continue to be high,” said Marco Magni, global sales director for Magniflex. “We were able to better source our materials not only because of our size but also, because a lot of our materials are different from what other companies are using.” “Ultimately, this move encourages consumers to make their next high-end mattress purchase a natural one because the cost difference is marginal. Our mix of natural mattresses and pillows deliver the same quality and Italian craftsmanship, and now at a price that is very comparable to high-end mattresses that aren’t green,” continued Magni. Made with non-toxic, renewable and organic materials, the GeoEthic Collection is part of the company’s long-standing commitment to innovation and to serving the environment. In creating the GeoEthic Collection, Magniflex has replaced the largest petroleum-based component found in other visco-elastic memory foams with a natural oil alternative. The results are soy and vegetable oil versions of Memoform, the company’s proprietary eco-friendly memory foam. The foams in all Magniflex mattresses and pillows have always been based with water or latex -- and now with soy and vegetable oil -- to be healthier for both the consumer and the environment. Each mattress in the collection has a core made of the newly designed Memoform, which features aloe and castor plant oils in some models. Each model’s covering fabric features a different renewable fiber sourced from plant or marine life, including: soy fiber in SoyGreen models; bamboo fiber in EcoBamboo; corn fiber in Mais Prestige; and marine algae fiber in SeaCell Emotion. Complementing the mattresses are three pillow models in The GeoEthic Collection. The GeoPremium pillow is made entirely of soy from the core to the covering. As in all Magniflex pillows, Airyform technology allows air to circulate freely throughout the pillow using “vent chambers” from top to bottom, so the sleeping surface feels cooler. The pillow coverings are removable for easy laundering. Known for its quality craftsmanship and innovation, Magniflex has developed many unique mattress covers and cores that provide comfort and safety to consumers while minimizing impact on the environment. It was the first mattress company to be certified by Oeko-Tex to guarantee absence of allergenic substances harmful to consumers and to the environment. Its Memoform technology enables the visco-elastic mattresses to relieve pressure and comfort faster, using weight-sensitivity rather than body heat to initiate conformity. This enables consumers to attain their desired sleep position faster than with other brands. Magniflex was founded over 50 years ago in a suburb of Florence, Italy, and today 20 million people in 45 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Known as a world leader in quality, comfort and innovation, its central manufacturing facility produces up to 10,000 mattresses a day, 80 percent of which are exported to countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia and now, the United States. Magniflex recently opened a showroom at 59 Crosby St. in Manhattan and a national dealer network throughout the United States. For more information on Magniflex products,visit www.magniflex.com, call 646-330-5483 or visit the Magniflex showroom within the Specialty Sleep Association’s new permanent showroom in Building C in Las Vegas.

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