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National Harris Interactive Poll Confirms Effect of New Mattress

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You are what you sleep on, and if it’s a new mattress, you’re likely enjoying a life filled with better quality sleep, an improvement in your health, and in some cases maybe even becoming a better employee at work, according to a new national Harris Interactive/Mattress Firm poll. In a national survey commissioned by national retailer Mattress Firm and conducted by Harris Interactive, which aimed to quantify the impact of a new mattress on sleep quality, 76% of respondents who had recently purchased a new mattress said that the quality of their sleep had been enhanced. In addition, more than half (57%), also felt an improvement in their overall health as a result. “On average a mattress should be replaced about every seven to eight years, but the average consumer replaces it every decade or more and, in turn, likely spends many nights not getting the deep, restorative sleep that they need,” said Gary Fazio, CEO of Mattress Firm. “We spend one-third of our lives sleeping and finding the right mattress can be the key to making sure that we get the kind of quality sleep we need to function optimally during the other two-thirds of our lives that we are awake.” Additional results from the Harris Interactive survey included: · 41% of employed adults say they are now a better employee as a result of their new mattress. · When asked why they purchased their new mattress, 47% did so primarily because their old mattress was no longer comfortable. · Three in five (61%) feel their bed is the most important piece of furniture in their home. “Sleep deprivation is one of the most critical factors affecting the health of Americans today,” according to Dr. Michael Breus, American’s leading sleep expert and a strategic partner of Mattress Firm’s. “One of the first questions I ask patients is ‘how old is your mattress?’ because mattresses, as with most things in life, break down after years of regular use. Once a mattress reaches a certain age, it can actually become a barrier to good sleep and, in turn, overall wellness.” The results of the Harris Interactive/Mattress Firm survey are similar to the findings of a recent study conducted at Oklahoma State University, which was published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics in March. That research provided solid scientific evidence of the critical link between health and sleep benefits and mattress quality, and underscored the importance of a regular assessment of one's mattress. Improvements from pre- to post-test in specific variables were reported by significant percentages of study participants. These included reduced back pain (62.8%), shoulder pain (62.4%), and back stiffness (58.4%) and improved sleep quality (64.4%) and sleep comfort (69.96%). "Our work showed that new mattresses have a considerable impact on reduced back pain and improved sleep quality, among other benefits," said Bert Jacobson, EdD, and lead researcher at Oklahoma State University. "Based on our research, there's no question that a new mattress can sustain these benefits for just about anyone, regardless of age, weight or gender." About the Survey: The “Mattresses and Better Sleep” survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of Mattress Firm, Inc. between April 18 and April 22, 2008 among 2,239 adults ages 18+, of whom, 1,924 have purchased a new mattress. About Harris Interactive: Harris Interactive Inc. (www.harrisinteractive.com), based in Rochester, New York, is the 13th largest and the fastest-growing market research firm in the world, most widely known for The Harris Poll® and for its pioneering leadership in the online market research industry. Long recognized by its clients for delivering insights that enable confident business decisions, the Company blends the science of innovative research with the art of strategic consulting to deliver knowledge that leads to measurable and enduring value. Harris Interactive serves clients worldwide through its United States, Europe (www.harrisinteractive.com/europe) and Asia offices, its wholly-owned subsidiary Novatris in Paris, France (www.novatris.com), and through an independent global network of affiliate market research companies. About Mattress Firm: Houston-based Mattress Firm (www.mattressfirm.com) is America’s preferred specialty mattress company and the nation’s largest specialty retailer of top-of-the-line Sealy products. Founded in 1986, Mattress Firm’s knowledgeable sales staff, broad product offering and competitive prices have fueled the company’s growth to more than 480 stores in 38 markets.

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