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Decorating Tips For Media Rooms

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Media rooms are one of the hottest trends to hit the modern home. Once a luxury for the most wealthy, cozy home theatres are now accessible in any price range. But before installing a media room, the experts at Arhaus Furniture, www.arhaus.com, have a few tips to consider that will make your space as functional and comfortable as it can possibly be. "Light and sound control, as well as the function of your décor, can make or break your media room,” says Gary Babcock, Vice President merchandise and design for the home furnishings retailer. "With some minor planning and attention to detail, you can design a media room that your family will cherish for years to come.” "Light control should be one of your primary concerns when designing an effective media room,” says Babcock. "There's nothing worse than a districting ribbon of light peaking through a window or door while you're watching a movie.” When deciding on the area of your home you will use for your home theatre, consider a room without windows, such as a basement or attic. If can't avoid having windows in your space, there are several tricks that will minimize the interference of outside light. ·Window treatments are an effective way of controlling the light that enters your room. "You'll want to choose heavy, dark fabrics that block sunlight,” says Babcock. Doubling up on fabrics or using black-out lining are musts for window treatments in a media room. Be sure they overlap in the center and reach a few inches beyond the wall so light doesn't creep in. ·Light also can filter in through the edges and bottoms of doors. To block the light coming in around your doors, use weather stripping along the seams. ·Paint color not only enhances a mood and creates drama in the home theatre, but it can also affect the quality of the movie viewing experience. "Select paint with deep, dark colors like navy, dark gray, plum or deep green,” says Babcock. "Use a matte finish to minimize reflections.” ·Create a movie-going experience with special lighting set to dimmers. Line sconces along the wall or use floor lighting along walkways. Consider hooking your lighting up to a remote control or install switches next to your seating. A soundproof room can make all the difference in a home theatre. When you're engrossed in a movie, the last thing you want to hear is a telephone ringing, dog barking or laundry spinning around the dryer. If you're building your media room from scratch, there are several construction materials that will block outside sounds. Use soundproof drywall and insulation for the walls. "In addition to soundproof construction, I also like to use sound-dampening foam encased in luxurious fabric (coordinated to your paint color, of course!),” says Babcock. On the floors, avoid hard surfaces like wood or tile that can reflect sound. Noise can be controlled with rubber based flooring or plush carpet. "Again, select dark colors on your flooring,” Babcock adds. Another sound absorbing material you might consider installing is acoustic ceiling tile. No matter what the size or shape of your media room, be sure to center your seating for optimal sound and screen viewing. Beyond that, tiered seating is a fun alternative, especially if you plan on having several guests at a time for movie nights. "Make sure your seat backs are high enough that they're comfortable and offer neck support, but not too high that they affect your surround sound,” says Babcock. The Arhaus Sonoma Sectional collection in leather is a seating option that provides the ultimate movie viewing experience. Available in a variety of configurations, you can design your sofa to fit your media room and provide seating for up to six guests! Plus, spills from movie snacks easily can be wiped clean from the durable leather. Or for an option with retro styling that hints at the classic movies of the 50's, consider the Dune Sectional from Arhaus. With clean sleek lines, it's the ultimate in style. Also high in comfort, down cushions will have you planning movie marathons for years to come. And once you're comfortable in your cushy seating, you won't want to get up for anything! So, use a wireless, universal remote to control things like window treatments, lighting and movie and sound equipment. Be sure to hide the majority of your electronics in a functional wall unit or cupboard. The Bentley Collection from Arhaus is sure to meet any of your media room needs. Bentley has several customizable options, including wall units, tv consoles and bookcases that can be arranged to house a 60” flat screen tv along with all your media supplies. Another storage collection from Arhaus is the Athens Weathered Oak bookcase and cabinet. The oak bookcase, with a library-style sliding ladder, is durable and functional while maintaining the vintage-inspired spirit of the piece. It has four levels of open shelving atop additional shelving that is hidden by four beadboard doors. The coordinating narrow cabinet features sparkling glassed-in doors with dramatic molding accents, perfect for additional book storage or as an enchanting place to display collectibles. For those who prefer sleek geometric lines, consider the Arhaus Napa Collection. With a full entertainment unit or smaller tv console, you can also add a coffee table, bookcases or end tables to your media room décor. Or look to the Arhaus Smithfield Collection for an all-in-one tv and storage cabinet. The hand-rubbed black lacquer wall units can house either a 52” or 42” flat screen along with electronics, DVDs, books or collections. The smaller tv stands in the Smithfield Collection also have storage cupboards below. Another custom convenience is a mini kitchen—complete with snacks, beverages and a microwave for popcorn popping. But remember to use plastic dishes and cups. Dark media rooms can lead to clumsy accidents. Breakable dinnerware and accessories are no-no's, so avoid fragile knick knacks in this space. For more options for your media room, visit the Arhaus Furniture Web site at www.arhaus.com. About Arhaus Furniture: Journey through an Arhaus store and discover an intriguing atmosphere filled with one-of-a-kind handcrafted home furnishings that you won't find anywhere else. From aged Chinese wedding cabinets to hand-hammered copper dining tables, the product selection is reflective of our travels. We journey near and far to experience the culture, authentic design of antiques and classic styles, and bring them to you. Since 1986, we've partnered with skilled artisans to craft our many exclusive collections, which are complemented by our timeless upholstered (slipcovered, leather and custom-ordered), indoor and outdoor dining, and bedroom pieces. Made of the world's finest materials, products are then presented in a theater-type setting using interesting architectural elements embellished with hand-painted murals and fresh botanicals at all of our store locations. More than 500 employees serve customers in 28 Arhaus locations across the country. Corporate headquarters are located in Cleveland, OH. For more information, call 1-866-4ARHAUS or visit us on the web at www.arhaus.com.

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