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Home Furnishings Retail Customer Survey and Email Marketing Company Launched

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IntegrityRetailSolutions.com LLC announced that it has launched IntegritySurveyCenter.com an exclusive online customer survey and e-mail marketing system for home furnishings, appliance and electronics retailers. The system is designed to ascertain the perceptions of retail customers and increase customer satisfaction, traffic and sales. The System will allow retailers to fine tune the customer experience, increase team efficiency, effectiveness and accountability and build their competitive advantage. Survey modules are designed to gather the opinions of both buyers and non-buyers and include: • Customer Satisfaction Customers that bought: • Customer Shopping Experience Non-Buyers: • Delivery and Installation • Service Technician • Customer Complaint Resolution • Advertising and Marketing • Merchandising Hal McClamma, President and CEO noted that, "Customers are asked questions relating to the sales, shopping, advertising, merchandising areas of the business as well as questions about how the customer perceives the retailer compared to the competition. The surveys help to identify key competitors and provide insight into how the retailer stacks up on the overall experience, merchandise selection, pricing, financing options and more. Among other things, the survey asks, “How many stores did you shop?” And “If shopping again, would you shop us 1st,2nd,3rd, only or never?” We even ask your non-buyers, “You did not buy today, Why?”" Once customers participate in the 2-5 minute online survey, they will automatically receive a “Post Survey Thank You” e-mail offer from the retailer and they will be invited to sign up for the retailers preferred customer e-mail marketing system. The preferred customer e-mail marketing system is a series of monthly emails to the retailers customers designed to drive traffic and increase sales. Customers may opt out at any time. The Integrity system is fully automated. All responses will be instantly forwarded to the retailers e-mail inbox 24/7/365. In addition, copies can be automatically forwarded to the delivery manager, sales manager, customer service manager etc. Retailers will also have access to the ‘best of the best’ e-mail marketing campaign ideas from other retailers as well as in-store sign, letter and card templates. The Integrity Survey Center is 100% spam compliant and does not sell customer e-mail addresses or utilize pop up advertising of any kind. About IntegrityRetailSolutions LLC.: The exclusive “Patent Pending” IntegritySurveyCenter process has been in development for over 5 years. The marketing and leadership team of Integrity is comprised of industry veterans with over 75 years of combined experience in the retail home furnishings industry. For more information about, please visit www.integritysurveycenter.com or email sales@integritysurveycenter.com

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