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FabricTech2000 Reaches 700 Store Milestone

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FabricTech2000, a leader in bringing advanced technology and comfort to the sleep products protection industry, recently surpassed the 700 door count with the addition of the Mattress4You chain in Atlanta. They join Sleepy’s, RC Wiley, Value City Furniture and Ashley Home Stores as the flagship retailers carrying the company’s patented products nationwide. “Dealers are positioning our product as a premium solution for mattress and pillow protection in their stores,” said FabricTech2000 President Arnold Hershbain. “Because we provide exceptional training and support to the dealers and their retail sales associates, there is usually an attractive spike in accessory sales after our products reach the floor.” Hershbain said that new technologies offered in their products make the FabricTech lineup a favorite for consumers purchasing higher-end bedding and, in particular, visco latex products. “The unique construction of our products provides the ultimate in protection, without altering the feel of the mattress in any way. This is particularly important in visco and latex products. The consumer is making the purchase based on a particular feel when they demo a mattress in the store. In many cases, with other mattress pads, they would be dissatisfied with the mattress when they get it home because most pads interfere with the temperature sensing properties of the foam and alter the mattress’s overall comfort.” Hershbain also said that over the past few months the company has added national sales executives in Tennessee, Florida and California to better service dealers throughout the country. All FabricTech2000 products prevent skin particles and moisture from reaching a mattress, using a three-step approach. OmniGuard® Ultra’s breathable PolyKnit™ outer layer absorbs perspiration, moisture and stains, while the waterproof InnerShield™ membrane protects them from reaching the mattress. It wicks moisture away instead of creating an uncomfortable “puddle” effect. This also prevents mold and mildew from forming. OmniGuard® Ultra is naturally stain and water resistant, and is made with no added chemicals, so it is safe for children and pets. The products are waterproof, quiet and cool, unlike noisy, sticky vinyl. The InnerShield™ membrane also safeguards a mattress manufacturer’s warranty since it can be voided if there is a stain on a mattress –regardless if your claim is for another reason. Founded in 1992, FabricTech2000 provides consumers with a safer and healthier sleeping environment by utilizing the most advanced technology, the finest materials and highest quality workmanship. In addition, all FabricTech2000 products are proudly made in the United States and adhere to strict medical guidelines. FabricTech2000 is the exclusive provider of mattress protection products for The Style Network. For more information about FabricTech2000 visit www.fabrictech.com or call 1 (800) 758-8563.

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