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The Lax Series Unveils English Walnut Bookcases

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Expanding its line of reductive, uniquely crafted furniture, the LAX Series by MASH Studios has announced two additions: a bookcase and 3X shelf with base. Both are made from solid English walnut, sporting a natural oil finish, and designed with function and exquisite style in mind. With an eye for simple, clean shapes, LAX is making a name for itself by creating high-quality pieces that complement the modern home in a striking, yet understated manner, and these are no exception. Many available bookcases are either cheaply manufactured or outrageously overpriced. In building its own version, LAX set out to create a high-grade one, made from solid, durable wood, that would exhibit strength and stand the test of time, yet remain reasonable in cost. Similarly, the 3X shelf with base is another smartly priced selection that offers the same quality and features as LAX's wall-mounted 3x shelf without the need for wall-mounting. It's more versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home. Together, the two represent the design house's continually expanding line of precisely designed and crafted furniture for the home, emphasizing relaxation and integration, above all else. "As we develop the LAX brand, we're constantly researching and designing ways to redefine what most consider home furniture staples," says founder Bernard Brucha. "A bookcase is just a bookcase until it becomes something more, an exemplary piece of furniture whose fine craftsmanship and unencumbered design perfectly reflects the space in which it sits. Same goes for the 3X shelf with base. A lot of times, people want to be wowed, not necessarily by something new, but by something they've seen a thousand times over-just not in a particular iteration." LAX operates according to a philosophy of calm and simple living that stands in stark contrast to the busy urban environments that dominate the bulk of our lives. As daily living grows more complicated, our homes should do the opposite. About the LAX Series: The LAX Series is crafted carefully from high-grade materials, including English walnut and powder-coated white aluminum. Solid wood and a natural oil finish give all the pieces in the collection a distinctly warm, organic touch. Meanwhile, the line is understated, yet distinct, and there are no extraneous parts or superfluous additions. Our philosophy is that furniture should be effortless.

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