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Hellenic Rug Imports Announced Green Initiatives

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Hellenic announced that it continues its strong efforts to support the Environment and encourages others in the Home Furnishings industry to do so as well. Global Warming, Pollution and Fuel: July 18th 2008 marks the 7th week that Hellenic Rug employees carpool to work. Hellenic employees have come together to make a difference. This has raised awareness and employees are taking the initiative to expand - bicycling to work is the next phase. Recycling has always been a large part of the Hellenic culture as well. The Environment and Technology’s Help: Now there’s another reason to work from home. As part of its corporate culture promoting flexible hours and support family values, Hellenic has invested in advanced telecommunication systems so its employees can work from home. Now employees can be with their children more, save on commuting costs and claim an environmental victory! Hellenic Makes a Statement: Hellenic will be closing its warehouses on Fridays to fight Global Warming and fossil fuel dependency. Productivity will go up while Global Temperatures will go down! Service: All other departments within Hellenic will continue working within normal business hours. Going Green: Hellenic has made sure that a vast majority of its product line-up fits within the Eco-Friendly requirements. Green Products are a must-have for today’s world and Hellenic is making a point of coming out with New Collections and Re-Developing Old Collections that best suit today’s educated and concerned consumer. Hellenic knows the need for everyone to get involved and do there part to help the environment. As the cost of doing business continues to sky rock and the planet suffers in-turn, a decision like this was a must for Hellenic Rugs. Hellenic Rug Imports is very aware that these issues don’t just go away. Every effort made is a step in the right direction, a step toward a clean and healthier world!

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