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Bailey Street To Bring Queen Anne Styled Chairs To Summer Markets

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Bailey Street Holding Company, the marketer of Couture Covers® seating and exclusively designed accent furniture announced that it has introduced a new line of custom upholstered chairs with interchangeable upholstery covers and Queen Anne styling. "It truly is the elegant way to change your style in minutes," said Jim Berk, CEO of Bailey Street. “The appeal of this fashionably styled collection is the perfectly tailored selection of upholstery covers made from the finest luxurious fashion fabrics wrapped around a Queen Anne quality chair manufactured to Bailey Street’s consistently high standards. The basic chair is manufactured with a muslin cover as if it were to be finished in a custom upholstery shop. However now, the retailer can offer for immediate delivery, a wide range of upholstery covers in luxurious fabrics from elegant patterns and chic solids to enticing stripes…. already cut and sewn to fit perfectly the specific frame of the Southern Living ® Cover Style© chairs or bench. The customer can mix and match among 25 choices. Once the cover is put on the chair (it takes minutes from box to finished chair or bench) you would never know it was not custom made in a shop somewhere”, said Berk; “it looks that finished!” Greg Waylock, Bailey Street’s president said; “Initially the line will consist of the basic muslin covered High Back Chair, a slipper chair and a bench with a selection of 25 luxurious fashion fabrics in a variety of styles and colors. The upholstery’s fashion has been selected from the finest fabrics available and will range from traditional to transitional and will include a variety of stripes, solids, and floral looks.” “We see a number of advantages to our retailers and designers as well as the ultimate end user,” Waylock added. “The research we did before entering this category with a higher end line demonstrated that the Southern Living® brand was perceived as a top 5 furniture brand even though this, in fact, has not yet even been introduced to the general public. In addition to the value of the Southern Living® brand’s magic, our retailers can now offer a selection for sale initially (more to come each market) of up to 25 different upholstery cover choices in three basic seating silhouettes for immediate customer satisfaction with a minimal investment in the program. The upholstery covers and basic chairs and benches will be stocked in and available for immediate delivery from our Dallas area warehouse.” We are offering a complete marketing package including a free display at the introduction in Atlanta and Las Vegas. The retailer can present as many cover varieties as they wish in a furniture quality display. The retailer may choose to offer the assortment in the see-through retail package or the retailer may choose to offer as a completed custom chair. The covers literally fit on the chairs in minutes and can easily be assembled in a retailers’ work room. The chairs and covers are sold separately to provide the optimum flexibility to our dealers and designers.” “We believe the versatility and ease of changing the covers will bring back customers to the store in search of a new look or seasonal change when the mood dictates. When the mood moves the customer to change her look, the investment to simply change the cover will be a fraction of the cost of changing the chairs.” Berk added, “The chairs and first 25 cover choices are in production as we speak and should ship from our Dallas warehouse in mid September.”

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