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Ken Fonville To Oversee Product Development For NewLeaf

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Fairmont Designs announced that it has appointed Ken Fonville to oversee product development of its new lifestyle brand NewLeaf for the Chinese Market. Ken Fonville reports to Fairmont Designs Chairman George Tsai. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Fairmont Designs operates 3 state-of-the-art home furnishings manufacturing facilities in China and 5 retail stores in Shanghai . Over the past 3 years, Fairmont Designs has grown rapidly; expanding its network of franchisee galleries to more than 120. Fairmont Designs responds to the increasing environmental awareness among China’s upper middle class with the creation of a new lifestyle brand, NewLeaf. NewLeaf collections will be made of eco-friendly materials, a progressive step taken prior to the enactment of government regulations. Since Fairmont Designs owns and operates its 3 factories, they are able to manage their manufacturing practices to new environmental standards. NewLeaf is scheduled to launch in 2009 at FD’s flag ship store in Shanghai. GRID 2, a consulting firm specializing in branding, is designing NewLeaf’s retail environment.

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