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Mac At Home Repositions Exhibition Strategy

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Mac At Home, one of the largest manufacturers of collapsible furniture in the world announced that it will reposition its exhibition strategy from High Point to Las Vegas. Mac At Home exhibited in High Point’s, Plaza Suites, since 2002, the year of the division’s launch, and continued that relationship through 2008, exhibiting at the spring High Point Market. According to, Mike Brechtel, Mac At Home’s vice president and business director, the move is a strategic business decision for the company. “We love the High Point Market and are aware that exhibiting in High Point served Mac At Home’s foundation well. This was a hard decision. But with today’s business climate, we’re all called upon to position ourselves most strategically, and Vegas is a sound business proposition for our company,” states Brechtel. In High Point, Mac At Home’s exhibition space equaled almost 1,900 sq- ft. The company’s Vegas space is almost equal in size, at 2,000 sq- ft, but according to Brechtel, will be utilized much more, because of the parent company, Tofasco’s, various showings in Vegas. “Because, as a company, we exhibit in Vegas at various times during the year, we will utilize the space much more. Previously, beyond exhibiting, we leased space for sales meetings, presentations, and trainings throughout the year,” says Brechtel. “Now we’ll have a usable space for more than just exhibiting.” As well, the company is expecting to experience a new set of buyers. “We see our existing buyers throughout the year, already,” says Brechtel. “We need exposure, and to make the most of our investment, and we see Vegas as being the right fit for us. ”Mac At Home will unveil introductions at its new Las Vegas Market showroom space in the new “C” building, showroom space, C-1568. Mac At Home, a division of the Tofasco Company, is one of the largest manufacturers of collapsible furniture in the world.Founded in 2002 and celebrated for bringing value-driven solutions for the home to the marketplace, Mac At Home is headquartered in LaVerne, California.Mac At Home’s collection is leveraged by its unique concept of developing home furnishings with the same innovation, ingenuity and engineering of its outdoor line. Forms synonymous with function and durability, are translated, creatively into fun, comfortable furnishings solutions, especially suited to today’s casual lifestyles.Mac At Home supplies various kinds of retailers such as specialty, .com, and furniture stores,throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. Many of Mac At Home’s designs are copyrighted; all are executed through overseas manufacturing. Categories include seating,tables, back to college or small home office, and children’s.For more information about Mac At Home and its products, visit www.mac-athome.com.

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