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The Furniture Training Company, Inc., the home furnishing industry’s provider of online furniture sales training and certification, announced that it has passed a major threshold – over 2,000 furniture sales associates have become certified “Furniture Fundamentalist Specialists” by completing the Fundamentals of Furniture Product Knowledge online sales training course. The Furniture Training Company online training courses are instrumental in supporting over 150 furniture retailers with the critical task of training their sales associates to know more, which allows their associates to sell more. According to Jeff Moran, Owner, Lapeer Furniture & Mattress Center, “Online training programs from The Furniture Training Company have greatly increased our employee knowledge and skill levels. As our associates become better at their jobs, they sell more furniture, waste fewer customers visiting our store, and are more productive and efficient. Educated, well-trained sales associates are one of the main drivers we are using to continue profitability during low traffic periods." By taking advantage of the Internet to deliver product-training lessons in such areas as upholstery, casegoods, fibers and fabrics, and leather, the Fundamentals course actually helps sales associates to sell more furniture. This comment from a recently certified sale associate sum up the results trainees’ can achieve, “I have gained considerable knowledge in every area of the furniture department. I was able to explain the value of our top-grain leather sofa and loveseat to a customer, and they were happy to spend over $2,000.00 for the set!” By training, testing, tracking, and certifying their sales associates furniture product knowledge online, furniture storeowners and managers know without any doubt that their investment in furniture training has worked. Carl Propes, owner of Scan Homes in Alaska says, “All my current sales associates have certified in the Furniture Training Company's furniture product knowledge and sales training courses, and I am using the training with every new hire. My sales associates like the training and the fact that I am investing in them. Our people were good sales associates before completing the Furniture Training Company's online courses, but now they are even better.” Even large retailers such as Cort Furniture are now turning to these new Internet training resources. Tony Bellerdine, Senior Group Vice President reports, "We have been using the Fundamentals of Furniture Product Knowledge for some time now and are extremely happy with the results. We bought the program for new hires with no furniture background but to our pleasant surprise, we have found that existing employees, as well as new employees, are taking the course and getting value from it. Our people find it easy to use and very informative. It quickly gives them the ability to speak confidently with clients. We are very pleased with the product!" “We’re elated to have reached another major milestone in our company’s growth,” said Mark Lacy, President, The Furniture Training Company, “Only when associates have sufficient product knowledge, can they significantly increase their sales by being able to correctly answer customers’ questions and confidently assist every shopper coming into their store. Quality training teaches sales associates to turn more shoppers into buyers and to sell more furniture to each customer.” RoomStore, Kasey’s Fine Furniture, Olinde’s Furniture, Lack’s Home Furnishings, RC Willey Company, McMahan’s Furniture, Cort Furniture, various Designs of the Interiors stores, and Dearden’s Furniture are just a few of the more than 150 furniture retailers large and small whose sales associates are becoming certified furniture experts using the Furniture Training Company’s on-line courses. NHFA, WHFA, HFIA, FMG, and the Traffic Guys have all become affiliate partners of The Furniture Training Company and sponsors of the training. Members of these groups are eligible for significant additional discounts on the price of the training. About The Furniture Training Company: The Furniture Training Company is a subsidiary of LetterPress Software, Inc. and provides technology-based training services to the retail furniture industry. They provide training services to furniture retailers worldwide, from single-store independents to large retail furniture chains and department stores. For more details, visit http://www.FurnitureTrainingCompany.com.

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