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Glentruan Ltd,. Announces Direct Container Program

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Glentruan Ltd, a 100% foreign owned and operated furniture manufacturing facility located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam; announced a new direct container program. According to Ian Tailyour, "Glentruan's partnership with our key supplier DLH over the past two years, and their consistent supply of premium grades North American Hardwoods, has allowed us to develop highly competitive solid wood bedroom ranges and case goods, using imported North American Hardwoods such as white oak, black walnut, American Cherry, Maple, and Ash." The company says that their direct container program allows buyers to take on ranges with less volume commitments, also supplying mixed 20' containers, even LCL cargos directly, helping customers alleviate the need for costly warehouse space. They currently stock four bedroom ranges, and can ship within a week, making a six to eight week delivery time to most US destinations. "Our manufacturing focus is on the middle to higher end customer," Tailyour. "We have an in house engineering/ development team using Auto CAD and Solid Works; we can turn around development and sample projects within two weeks. We offer premium materials, Pottery Barn standard export packaging, clear English communication with an American technician, delivery of consistent quality, and a ten year track record of performance." For more information on stock programs and custom development work. contact ian@glentruan.com or visit www.glentruan.com.

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