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Hamilton Wrenn Design District Association Elects New Officers

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The Board of Directors of the Hamilton Wrenn Design District association announced that it has elected new officers. Bill Cain, President of Chelsea House has been elected President of Hamilton Wrenn. Lisa Shankle, Leasing & Property Manager for Hamilton Properties will serve as Vice President. Cain takes over from Rod Lambeth who served as President of the association. “Rod did a great job of leading the Board to reinvigorate the association,” said Cain. “We will continue to work to keep the Hamilton Wrenn area as the premier area for high end buyers.” In October, the members of the association will vote to elect new Board members that include: Larry Platt of The Platt Collections, Charlie Coffey of The Sherrill Companies, Katherine Respess of Baker, Alan Barrows of Lorna Dewey of London and Kim Slater of Hekman. When elected in October , they join Rod Lambeth of Tomlinson, Erwin Lambeth & Directional, Ann Pickering of 200 Steele, Anna Swing of Yorkshire House, Gail Slate of Ardley Hall and Sumner Finch of TRS Furniture. Beth Penley of Harden and Rebecca Atwell of Atwell Welch leave the Board as their terms have expired. The Hamilton Wrenn Design District is a coalition of high-end showrooms in the Hamilton Wrenn area of High Point who work together to provide buyers services for the area and publicize the district.

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