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American Software Introduces Rental & Lease Programs For CreditStar Software

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American Software announced that it is making it even easier for smaller retail businesses to start managing their own financing. By renting or leasing American Software’s CreditStar 7.3, it says, a company can easily start to finance their own sales instead of giving their profits away to the banks and finance companies. Company President Richard Hadad says, “Many companies are reluctant to get started in financing because of high up-front costs. They already have the personnel, a desk and a computer. By renting or leasing, it’s easy and inexpensive to add CreditStar and they’re in business.” Hadad says CreditStar 7.3 has been developed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. CreditStar is a modular system, with modules such as Revolving (open end) contracts, Installment contracts, Credit Bureau reporting, and Letter and Contract writing, that allow credit managers to oversee every aspect of the credit department. Account entry is speeded up with default settings, and flexible finance plans such as “90 days same as cash” or “no payments or interest for 2 years” are simple to set up. CreditStar is fully supported for Rental or Leases and annual maintenance contracts after the purchase, on-line training, and courses in financing and credit are available. With the new rental program a company can install a package of features such as Revolving accounts, or Installment Contracts, Credit Bureau Reporting, and Letters Writing, and Variable Interest Up-Rate system. Additional modules can be added at any time. Maintenance and upgrades are included in the rental price, and there is no minimum rental period, and purchase options are available at any time. The program can also be leased for little as 12 months, and purchased at the end of the lease. Call the company at 1-800-617-8271 for more details.

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