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Klaussnerhome Opens Five New Branded Retail Stores & Has Plans For Others

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One year after announcing a comprehensive branding campaign, Klaussner® Home Furnishings licensee partners announced that they have opened 5 new Klaussnerhome™ retail stores and deals are being negotiated on several others. And already, they say, storeowners are singing praises of the Klaussnerhome brand and its retail store concept. “The combination of customization and solid value differentiates the Klaussnerhome brand,” suggests Bill Dixon, a Washington, D.C.-based store owner and 25+ year veteran in the home furnishings industry. “Klaussnerhome is a value-driven brand, and today, more than ever, that’s what shoppers are looking for.” Dixon also suggests that having Genevieve Gorder as the spokesperson and new face of Klaussnerhome has also been instrumental in the growth of the brand. “Both younger shoppers and design-oriented customers recognize her,” he states of the home furnishings diva whose star has been quickly rising. Gorder’s playful and budget-minded approach to design won fans over with hit television shows like Trading Spaces. This winter HGTV will extend her wit and charm to new audiences with a show debuting in January 2009 – Dear Genevieve. Barney Daley, a 50+ year veteran of the industry and owner of three Klaussnerhome Furnishings stores, agrees with Dixon’s assessment, and adds that Klaussnerhome’s model as a dedicated one-brand store actually enhances the service and value a retailer can offer to shoppers. “The difference is the simplicity of working with one vendor – it makes your life easy, easy, easy,” says Daley, whose stores are in the greater Philadelphia area, with the third in Wilmington, DE. “In the past as a retailer I was dealing with 50 or 60 different vendors. There was a lot of guessing and bad communication.” “By joining Klaussnerhome, I always know what’s going on, which makes me a better retailer for my shoppers,” Daley continues. “And if there is a problem, I simply call, and I can get someone to help in a snap. It allows me to focus on my retail business, rather than dealing with factors such as credit issues, late deliveries, different ship times, and multiple invoices.” Jeff Davis, a former senior vice president at Klaussner Home Furnishings’ corporate and now the owner of its 5th and latest store in Greensboro, N.C., states that the branding strategy has been based on opening the doors to an experience shoppers can count on every time – one where choices and possibilities are unlimited and custom/special orders are available at all price points and arrive right away. “The Klaussnerhome brand’s success lies in its ability to present something no other manufacturer can offer--- selection, service and unparalleled value, quickly” he explains. “In the same way, retail store owners need and expect a similar level of dedication and assurance,” Davis continues. “They want the products and programs that will allow them to be profitable, price points that keep their store competitive, and brand positioning that drives customer loyalty.” And in a marketplace where many manufacturers and importers are looking to employ the ‘factory store’ model and related branding efforts, store owners believe that even with such potential competition, Klaussnerhome is still in a league of its own. “I was the first person to sign up for a Licensee agreement,” recalls Philly and Delaware store owner Barney Daley. “I chose Klaussnerhome over other dedicated stores because I had been doing business with them for more than 30 years and I know they do it right. They deliver ahead of schedule – nobody does that – and they are organized and honest.” Klaussner Home leads the industry with average less-than-truckload delivery times of 7 days, and custom orders within 30 days. Going forward, Klaussnerhome will continue on its winning path, according to company President and CEO J.B. Davis. “The Klaussnerhome retail store model allows us to capitalize on our four core competencies: the ability to produce a wide array of custom upholstery, a promise to offer reasonable pricing, a one-stop shopping experience, and guaranteed quick delivery.” The executive goes on to say that in the overall retail scheme, some Klaussner Home Furnishings’ customers have opted for Galleries. The hope is that as economic conditions improve some of these stores may transition into fully branded Klaussnerhome retailers. The company offers its Gallery Program at three levels, and offers point-of-purchase materials, circular discounts and signage: • Silver – 2,000 square feet • Gold – 4,000 square feet • Platinum – 10,000 square feet Beginning this year, Genevieve Gorder marketing materials are available to gold and platinum galleries, in addition to the Klaussnerhome stores. Gorder will make a guest appearance at the Klaussner Home Furnishings’ showroom during the 2009 October High Point Market. About Klaussner® Home Furnishings & Klaussnerhome™ Furnishings Retail Stores: Privately owned Klaussner Home Furnishings, is one of the largest furniture companies in the country today. With many U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities, an extensive global resource network, as well as an agreement with popular Designer and TV host, Genevieve Gorder, to act as the company’s spokesperson, the company is known throughout the world for offering a full line of custom upholstery furniture (both stationary and reclining), bedroom and dining room furniture, as well as home entertainment, occasional, and accents. Klaussner Home Furnishings’ products can be found online and in various retail stores throughout the world. Having remained a “behind the scenes” source for many years, Klaussner Home Furnishings launched a new consumer brand initiative in late 2007. By offering a wide array of product choices and lifestyle category selections that inspire possibilities in the home, as well as the fastest delivery times in the industry on custom orders, Klaussner Home Furnishings’ Choice, Selection, and Possibilities is revolutionizing the way consumers buy furniture. For more information about Klaussner Home Furnishings and its products, please visit www.klaussner.com.

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