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Picture Source To Debut New Division At High Point Show

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Picture Source announced that it is set to launch a new division of contemporary wall art which will include a selection of exclusive originals designed specifically for the division. Known as “The Art Club,” the fresh, avant-garde line of wall décor focuses on ultra modern designs and color palettes which will appeal to younger consumers. The launch will be held in The Art Club’s new showroom located at IHFC D423 during the upcoming High Point Market, October 20-26. The initial debut includes nearly 550 pieces and will consist of black and white photography, celebrity images, movie posters, graphic abstracts, contemporary landscapes, and florals. An array of modern and vintage themes provide many of the subjects within the collection’s core, and are displayed using clean, simple mattes and sleek frame options in black, silver, and dark woods. The words to describe the collection of original works, all of which are exclusive to The Art Club, are bold and bright—both graphically and color-wise. Vivid creations take their cues from exquisitely detailed handpainted stencils and wallpapers, all with rich, vibrant colors that seem to pop from the canvas. A full spectrum of themed black and white photography includes groupings of exotic vintage cars, motorbikes, and aircraft to high profile celebrities, wild animals, and soothingly serene portraits of flora and fauna. Popular movie prints can also be found, from classics such as “The Hustler” to current hit “Sex and the City.” Abstracts abound as well, utilizing colors, shapes, and genres to satisfy even the most selective art connoisseurs. John Hoyt, president of Picture Source, stated, “We created The Art Club division in response to an increased demand from our customers for a wider variety of contemporary pieces which not only fills a niche within the marketplace, but will attract a new generation of younger, art-savvy clientele.” Approximate retail prices will range from $150 - $500. The pieces will be available through major retail chains, boutiques, and lifestyle furniture stores beginning in early Spring 2009. About The Art Club: A division of Picture Source, The Art Club is an industry resource for today’s contemporary wall décor. Offering hundreds of unique subjects and color palettes in a variety of mediums and framing options, The Art Club provides a broad foundation for modern art enthusiasts. Backed by Picture Source’s solid reputation for high quality workmanship and an innate ability to predict future design trends, The Art Club is positioned to lead the contemporary market. Please visit www.picture-source.com for more information. About Picture Source: Founded in 1975, Picture Source is known for exclusive artwork collections tailored to support the ever-changing design trends of the residential furniture industry. Best known for being a trendsetter and innovator, their success can be attributed to an understanding of color, fashion and design. Picture Source has always been proud to guarantee their materials and workmanship, and is currently focused on a greener approach to manufacturing. With a top-notch art consulting team and custom framing capabilities, the company has recently expanded their markets to include hospitality and health care. Please visit www.picture-source.com for more information.

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