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If Your Retail Plan Isn't Working, Wear Something Different

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If business isn’t going your way, you aren’t making your sales quotas or your productivity has dropped dramatically, take a close look at your clothes. Did you know what you put on in the morning sets the tone and success energy level for the rest of your day? Many home furnishings retail associates and managers know how Feng Shui principles can be used to create room designs that encourage or discourage certain types of energy, but did you know that the clothes you wear on the job affects your productivity and how people relate to you? The concept of clothing providing you something other than privacy and warmth just might be revolutionary and financially rewarding. In the world of Feng Shui, clothing is exceedingly important, not just another piece of your personal environment. Clothing surrounds you and provides you with positive, helpful, success-oriented energy or negative, distracting, draining energy. When it comes to clothing, your workplace may require a certain type in order to fit within professional rules and guidelines. But before you put on that navy pinstripe suit or that pink cardigan set, consider this: “How will this outfit make me look and feel for the rest of the day?” The colors, textures and design of your clothing, as well as the way it fits, can make you feel confident and in control – or weak, unimportant and ineffective. If you work from a home office, your clothing choices will be equally important. You either dress for your business to succeed or you dress for a mediocre day. Glitches, setbacks, obstacles, low focus and missed sales often happen right in your closet before the day begins. First and foremost, apply this rule for the best success energy: If it doesn’t fit you, look great on you and make you feel like a million dollars, don’t buy it; if it is already in your closet, get rid of it. Next, decide what type of day you want to have and dress accordingly. Determine what clothes give you lots of energy for a busy day and which ones provide low-key energy for quiet, but highly productive day. Take into consideration the style, fit and color of the clothing when making these decisions. If you have a favorite suit that is somewhat subdued, but you love to wear it because you feel great in it, use accessories to give it that much-needed energy boost. Use the guidelines below to pick the right clothes and energize your day: - When you want to accomplish a lot with minimum interruptions, wear neutral colors like khakis, gray and washed out colors. Neutrals provide a “melt-into-the-woodwork” energy. - On days that you need to be very productive, upbeat and on-the-go all day, wear bright colors – they provide you an abundance of energy. - When you need to be in total control of your workplace situation, wear dark colors in fitted, structured designs. Pinstripes work well in this category, as long as the pinstripes are subtle. Wear similar light-colored shirts or blouses with dark suits, or you can even use a necktie or neck scarf as a slight contrast with the darker colors. These provide strong, foundational energy for your day. - On days that you want to work at a more leisurely pace, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes. They provide more creative energy and encourage interaction with others. - When you want to absorb all the energy of the moment, or utilize that energy to make a strong statement, wear black. It provides internal, confidence energy. - When you are totally self-confident, secure in knowing who you are and want to be noticed, wear red – it tells the world who you want them to think you are. - When you are constantly on the phone talking to customers and clients, or if you spend all your time on a computer, wear earthy colors like brown, salmon, peach, light burnt orange, and beige. These provide good relationship connection energy with people. - If you are in sales wear green or use earth tones like salmon and peach. Green will provide you with new business and money energy. Earth tones will help you connect to others. - If you are going to be in a high-stress situation, wear the color blue. It provides calming energy that is needed during a chaotic day. - When you are in a social setting, wear all the busy patterns, animal prints and the extravaganza of floral patterns you want – but keep them out of the office. They provide out-of-control energy that will sabotage your ability to focus and be productive. - If you are thinking what about white, consider white to be a good contrast color in the form of a shirt or blouse but avoid white suits and dresses unless it is an acceptable practice where you work. White is a very low-energy color, which means you have to provide all of the energy every time you wear it. It also gives off a casual and “at play” energy, one that would be more appropriate for leisure activities such as tennis, sailing and golf. Color, shape and design provide great positive energy if they are in alignment with your energy needs for the day. Start noticing how you feel when you are wearing certain colors and designs. Pay attention to the events of your day in certain outfits. Do you feel drained or do you still have enough energy left to enjoy your evening with family or friends? If things haven’t been going right for you, it’s time to take a serious look at what you’ve been wearing and change it. You will be more focused, efficient and effective by wearing clothing that not only looks and feels good, but also provides energy to help you accomplish your goals and objectives each and every day. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pat Heydlauff is president of Energy Design, a company that uses proven Feng Shui design principles to improve the bottom line. As a consultant and speaker, Pat helps organizations and businesses of all sizes remove stress and clutter, while increasing creativity, employee retention and productivity. Her forthcoming book, "Feng Shui: So Easy a Child Can Do It” outlines the small changes that can lead to a big improvement in one's personal and professional success. To hire her or find out more, visit: www.Energy-by-Design.com or call: 561-799-3443.

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