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Sev Ritchie Joins Web Solutions Company, ayr1.com

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The world's largest retail Web solutions company, ayr1.com , announced that Sev Ritchie has joined the company as Vice President of Corporate Affairs. Sev is a home furnishings industry veteran, and he brings to ayr1 a wealth of Internet expertise and relationships in the home furnishings industry. He has a solid knowledge of the home furnishings and accessories business dynamic, and has spoken as an expert presenter at many major trade association ,buying group, and performance group events. He formerly ran FurnitureChannel/FurnitureFan.com which consisted of 78 manufacturers and 780 retail clients. He introduced the first industry wide e-mail marketing program, and has a strong eCatalog background. During his tenure, FurnitureFan.com was the most visited home furnishings website in the world. Sev Ritchie will be in attendance at Market where he is looking forward to reestablishing all of his old business relationships and developing many more. The ayr1 team of President Len Conlon, CEO Ron Goswell and Vice President Sev Ritchie will be in attendance at several industry events. In addition, you can email Sev at sritchie@ayr1.com to arrange a meeting. Ayr1 is embarking upon a multifaceted growth strategy as they build on their position of hosting and creating thousands of retail websites, and executing thousands of home furnishings and home appliance strategic relationships with the world's biggest brands. Ayr1 has built their dominance in the Web industry through the use of thousands of ecatalogs residing on a complex database that allows all of their clients to have their manufacturer's catalog directly on their own website. This eliminates the risk of retail customers being linked-out to manufacturer websites where they might be redirected through the dealer locator to other competitors. Just as importantly, the ayr1 system allows consumers to view and research every single product that an individual retailer has access to. This gives the retailer an expansive virtual showroom open 24/7. All of the ayr1 presentations at High Point will be centered around the reduction in marketing spend for both manufacturers and retailers who are not already clients of ayr1. Sev Ritchie has scheduled many high-level manufacturer meetings to introduce the confidential new series of initiatives from ayr1. In addition, ayr1 will be training 26 new furniture industry representatives to add to their United States and Canadian sales staff.

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