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Top 100 Furniture Retailer Uses Technology To Boost Average Ticket

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Showroom Technology announced that Jerome's Furniture, one of its Top 100 home furnishings retail customers realized a 20% increase in average ticket using the SHOW/PRO® kiosk system. Having Installed SHOW/PRO kiosks in each of its five San Diego stores, Jerome’s Furniture incorporated the consumer self-service kiosk system into its sales process, pre-approving consumers for Jerome’s Furniture’s in-store credit and registering customers for incentives. The result was a significant increase in average ticket for customers who first utilized the kiosk system to gain credit approval. When consumers know their own purchasing power in advance of shopping, and the retailer’s sales associates do as well, sales tickets tend to be larger than otherwise. “We have analyzed our sales data and have determined that the SHOW/PRO kiosks have generated a 20% increase in average ticket,” said Lee Goodman, chief executive officer of Jerome’s Furniture. “There is no doubt that these kiosks are a valuable tool and have proven to pay for themselves over and over. We plan to increase our use of the kiosk’s strong promotional features to get even more benefit on the sales floor.” Wichita Furniture, owners of an Ashley Furniture HomeStore and Furniture on Consignment in Wichita, Kansas also took advantage of the SHOW/PRO in-store kiosk system. Jay Storey, president and owner of Wichita Furniture, had been considering Showroom Technology’s kiosk system for quite some time. He installed Showroom Technology’s free-standing kiosk as well as its new countertop model at both locations. “Since the implementation of the Showroom Technology kiosks, we have seen a drastic reduction of labor required in our sales office to process finance applications. We have also experienced increased accuracy and a higher approval rate with higher credit limits enabling oursales staff to sell to the customers more and increase ticket average,” explained Storey. “This is a great investment with endless opportunities for future data tracking and promotions." About Showroom TechnologyShowroom Technology’s SHOW/PRO ® kiosk system has rapidly become a key sales tool in the retail store. A SHOW/PRO kiosk allows consumers a self-service way to quickly and privately apply for financing, register for promotions or incentives, and easily browse product information and images. The kiosk system also displays targeted advertising to consumers in the store in order to help influence shopping behavior. As a result, SHOW/PRO kiosks help retailers increase sales performance, improve a consumer’s in-store shopping experience, and streamline the sales floor administrative process, thereby achieving a better return on foot traffic. For more information, visit www.showroomtech.com. Showroom Technology, Inc. 5 Wirt Street, SW, Suite 200, Leesburg, VA 20175 (888)99-KIOSK www.showroomtech.com

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