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STORIS Releases Feature-Rich Vision R8.6

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of Retail Solutions and Services for Big Ticket retailers, announced the release of its newly enhanced Vision R8.6. This powerful release includes numerous business transforming enhancements to current products such as the completely redesigned financial applications, as well as new features including 'Multi-Lingual' capability, Quick Launch Menu Bar, Menu Builder, and Line Item Delivery, in addition to revamped Merchandise Reservations and Forms Designer programs. The following are just a few of STORIS’ new R8.6 dynamic enhancements: - Accounts Payables: This product has been completely redesigned to provide retailers with a fully integrated, real-time payables processing solution, presented within STORIS' intelligent Vision R8 Windows® interface. This revamped product takes the powerful foundation of our Release 7 application and combines it with the advanced technology of our new R8.6 release. Feature-flexible options allow both small and large organizations to process invoices en masse or via the quick payment option. Expenditures can be paid using customized checks created in Forms Designer or posted against a credit card. - General Ledger: The General Ledger has been enhanced in the existing R8.6 Windows® interface with advanced file structure improvements that allow all STORIS products to be completely integrated in real-time within one centralized database, without the need for a download or transmission interface. Additionally, STORIS’ robust data access FGII tool, has been updated to support all General Ledger data on the STORIS host server with spreadsheet logic to facilitate the presentation of both financial and comparative user-defined analytics. R8.6’s robust financial capabilities offer retailers a selection of three powerful Accounting solutions: STORIS' General Ledger & Accounts Payable accounting system, XML Third Party Accounting system interfacing, or Intuit/QuickBooks integration. - 'Multi-Lingual' User Experience: This new dynamic enhancement offers the ability to customize a retailer’s experience with regards to multi-lingual translating. R8.6’s intuitive process allows users to quickly import translated text into screen presentations and files in English, Spanish, French, and others. The dynamic flexibility of the translation import tool provides retailers with the option of presenting translated screens throughout specific areas within the application. - Quick Launch Icons: This new feature improves productivity and customer satisfaction by providing employees with quick, easy access to STORIS processes. Each individual user on the system can establish their own customized, dynamically interactive icon pane of their favorite or most relevant programs, simply via a drag-and-drop mouse click. Utilizing a library of Vista® images to represent the given user options, Quick Launch attaches an identity to each aspect of the business, making it easy to correlate operational processes to specific intuitive icons. - Menu Builder: R8.6 also offers a completely redesigned menu building feature, which is fully integrated with the STORIS application. This powerful tool allows for a system administrator to easily create tailored menu trees either from scratch or from copies of existing menus. Navigation through the entire listing of STORIS’ programs has been enhanced with powerful filtering capabilities, making it possible to establish a user or group of users in just a few minutes. - Line Item Delivery: For those retailers who derive a substantial amount of business from contractors and design consultants, we have added the ability to assign multiple delivery dates to sales orders. This intelligent option allows for individual multi-quantity merchandise items to have several delivery dates assigned. Using the new Line Item Delivery functionality or our existing Logistics Scheduler, this feature ensures accurately timed deliveries and/or installations by enabling sales orders to contain multiple customer 'ship-to' addresses linked with various delivery dates. - Merchandise Reservations: We have expanded our merchandise reservation methodology to allow Estimated, Scheduled, ASAP Status, and Customer Will Call orders to reserve merchandise. With our robust "Just-In-Time" reservation capabilities, we offer retailers several different sets of business rules they can easily implement to control overstocked quantities while ensuring customers' promised delivery dates are met. - Forms Designer: We have also enhanced features to the Forms Designer to allow retailers to create their own customized floor tags, bar code labels for inventory, and POS scanning, self-service tags, and more. This integrated capability allows users to heighten a business’s brand awareness, increase accuracy and efficiency from the point of receipt to the point of sale, and provide customers with accurate product information which elevates and expedites the in-store shopping experience. About Vision R8: Vision R8 provides a comprehensive family of adaptive business applications for retailers of all sizes. The Vision R8 solution provides best of breed features built for complete integration, unlimited scalability, and easy, secure processing. At the foundation of Vision R8 lies a real-time system that integrates all the essential aspects of retail operations, from Point of Sale, Customer Service, and Business Intelligence Analytics, to InTouch CRM, Financial Management and eCommerce. STORIS Management Systems, an IBM Business Partner, provides leading Retail Solutions and World-Class Services to Big Ticket retailers. Over 350 retailers, small and large, have installed STORIS Solutions worldwide to integrate operations, streamline processes and outperform the competition.

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