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Specialty Sleep Association Urges Consumers To Sleep In On "Black Friday"

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When it comes to Black Friday, the crazy shopping day the day after Thanksgiving, you often hear retailers encouraging consumers to get up and out early to make sure that they get the best deals. The Specialty Sleep Association disagrees with this advice and has mobilized SSA retailers nationwide to provide an alternative to that early wake-up time on Black Friday. Sleep in. In fact, they are asking shoppers to stop into SSA member locations and take a nap. They can revitalize their shoppint energy level by “test resting” today’s latest specialty sleep bedding, including memory foam, latex rubber, air, flotation, gel, adjustable, futons and convertible beds, as well as natural and organic beds made from soy, bamboo, wool and 100-percent cotton. Research has shown that they will be more alert and improve cognitive functioning with a nap. Midday sleep, or a ‘power nap’, can result in reduced stress and better overall health. “It is important not to disturb your circadian rhythm and to maintain your regular sleep schedule,” notes Dale Read, President, SSA. “The body operates better on a good night’s sleep which is why specialty sleep stores are not opening at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving.” As Black Friday approaches, forecasts show that consumers will spend less due to an uncertain financial future. With a little research, however, savvy shoppers can find great deals on home goods/accessories that used to cost more. According to Read, “The bedding industry realizes that when consumers reduced big-ticket purchases such as deluxe mattress sets, they shifted their focus to higher-value accessories that offer greater performance for the dollar. Top-of-bed goods that were in the past considered luxury purchases, such as $100 specialty pillows or $300 mattress toppers and all-natural comforters, are now an affordable means to increase comfort in the place where you spend the most time --- your bedroom.” The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a national not-for-profit advocacy and education association of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers who develop, manufacture, market and sell innovative, new technology mattress and bedding. Visit www.sleepinformation.org.

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