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American Leather Introduces "Green" Foam

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No, it's not an exotic new drink from Starbucks® reported AMERICAN LEATHER – it's actually AMERICAN LEATHER's latest foray into "green" design. Now utilizing the leading eco-friendly comfort cushioning foam product, AMERICAN LEATHER says it will now make a bigger contribution to environmentally conscious and sustainable furniture. A new soy-based BiOH® polyois, the Renew™ foam cushioning is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities, including the first bio-based high resiliency foam. Using soybean oil technology, Renew™ foam generates a consistent product without sacrificing comfort and design. AMERICAN LEATHER is scheduled to start using these foam cushions in all their products this fall. "AMERICAN LEATHER is committed to lowering our environmental footprint, and utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices," says Bruce Birnbach, President. "With this Renew™ recyclable foam, our furniture can progressively turn 'green,' while keeping our reliable and reputable quality. This will be a major benefit for both our company, and our end-consumer." Founded in 1990, AMERICAN LEATHER is a manufacturer of custom upholstered premium leather furniture, and is recognized as one of the leaders of high quality, custom designed and innovative leather furniture. Visit www.americanleather.com for more information.

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