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Tip From Leslie Carothers: New Web Application Makes It Easier To Shop For Furniture

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Web tip for furniture retailers!

Go to www.picclick.com.

This new app lets you see, both on EBAY and AMAZON, furniture by category, by item, by date, by zip code and by price on these two sites. Smart retailers can use this application to understand the online competition on any given item and ascertain where the market is and who is selling online.

This is another game changer as it now makes it MUCH, MUCH easier for the consumer to shop for furniture. Keep in mind there are many pure play e-commerce only furniture folks with stores on EBay and Amazon and this will make their day.

Another reason for all retailers to have e-commerce capabilities and sell overstock or new on these two sites.

Also, it would be a smart move for manufacturers to open up under a non branded name to sell their overstock this way. Could help move inventory as well as be a way for them to understand the real market value on any particular item from the consumer's viewpoint.

 For more information, contact Leslie Carothers through the furninfo.com message board by CLICKING HERE.

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