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New York City Bed Bugs Fuel Mattress Encasement Sales

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Protect-A-Bed, a leading provider of bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements, reported that in 2008 more than 65 percent of the company’s consumer-based internet sales are coming from the New York City metro area, as residents battle infestations at home. “The growing nature of the bed bug epidemic in New York City has residents there searching for ways to protect themselves from infestations at home,” said Protect-A-Bed’s Chicago-based CEO James Bell. “Our company is perfectly positioned to meet their needs with our bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements.” As of June 2008, more than 8,800 bed bug complaints were received and nearly 2,800 violations issued by New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. However, because this department only handles complaints from one subsection of the city’s residents and many bed bug infestations likely go unreported, the true number of infestations is likely significantly higher, according to the New York vs. Bed Bugs Web site. New York vs. Bed Bugs is an advocacy organization focused on brining a comprehensive bed bug control plan to New York City. The need for mattress and box spring encasements in New York City goes beyond consumers. Pest control management companies utilize encasements as a tool to help salvage previous infested mattress and to prevent further mattress infestations. Also, hotels in New York and across the country are utilizing mattress encasements as a preventative tool and for their more frequent battles against bed bugs. About Protect-A-Bed®: Protect-A-Bed produces mattress protectors that provide consumers with a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. The product was developed in South Africa in 1980 and Protect-A-Bed was first established in the USA in 2000, offering bedding protectors to help create a dry, bed bug free, anti-allergy sleep zone for people of all ages. Protect-A-Bed mattress and box spring encasements utilize Protect-A-Bed’s proprietary AllerZip with Bug Lock and Secure Seal with 3-sided zipper system to offer complete protection against bed bugs, creating a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. The product is now sold in 27 countries. Protect-A-Bed is the leader in mattress protection innovation, developing the proprietary Miracle Membrane® and patent pending Bug Lock® Secure Seal for bed bug protection. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the Food and Drug Administration and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal. For more information, visit www.protectabed.com.

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