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Sunbrella Furniture Fabrics Warranty Increases from 3 Years to 5 Years

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In a display of confidence for the durability of Sunbrella furniture fabrics for outdoor and indoor applications, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics announced that it has increased the limited warranty period from three years to five. “Sunbrella fabrics typically perform well beyond the warranty period,” said Suzie Roberts, vice president and business manager offurniture fabrics for Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, the makers of Sunbrella fabrics. “Our ongoing performance enhancements and testing of Sunbrella fabrics gives us the confidence to offer this significant extension to the best backed warranty in the industry.” The new limited warranty program became effective Nov. 1 and applies to both color fastness and fabric strength, generally referred to as “serviceability.” The warranty provides 100 percent replacement value of the fabric through the fifth year of service. “We receive very few warranty claims related to Sunbrella furniture fabrics,” Roberts said. “When we do receive claims, Glen Raven offers a service unique to the furniture industry. We have a technical support team that reviews each warranty claim. This team is dedicated to responding quickly, determining the nature of the concern and assuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. The extension of our warranty from three to five years is based on our performance track record and the capabilities of our technical support team.” Glen Raven engineers durability into Sunbrella fabrics by infusing color into the fiber, assuring long-term fade resistance even with extended direct sun exposure. Through advanced weaving and fabric finishing technology, Glen Raven assures that Sunbrella furniture fabrics are stain resistant, easy to clean and durable during many years of service, even in extreme conditions. “Performance has always been our No. 1 requirement for Sunbrella fabrics,” Roberts said. “During more recent years, we have added styling sophistication to Sunbrella furniture fabrics with jacquards, chenilles and sheers, with no compromise in Sunbrella’s legendary performance. By extending our warranty period, we are telling customers that while Sunbrella fabrics are more beautiful and more comfortable than ever before, they are just as durable – even more so. Glen Raven revolutionized the way the world thinks about how beautiful fabrics perform with the introduction of Sunbrella in 1961. Today, durable, easy-care Sunbrella is available in thousands of sophisticated styles, patterns and colors for wherever people live, work and play. On the Web at www.sunbrella.com.

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