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Over 500 Retail Stores Deploy Precision Textiles’ Hygienic Mattress Testing Kits

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Precision Textiles’ newly launched hygienic mattress testing kits are being used in more than 500 retail stores in the United States after being introduced in April.  The sanitized, individually wrapped, one-time-use kits offer reassurance to consumers who are resting testing mattresses.

Leading retailers, including American Mattress, Mattress Direct and Rooms To Go, have invested in the safety of their customers as brick and mortar stores begin to reopen following countrywide shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As retailers begin to reopen their doors after the shutdown, they have embraced our kits as a way to keep their customers healthy and well. The number of retail showrooms now using our program is literally growing daily. It is exciting on the one hand to see the sales growth, but more importantly, it is heartwarming to see the care retailers are taking to assure the health and safety of their customers and employees,” said Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles. “We know consumers remain nervous about returning to stores, and our SlumberShield kits are a simple way to shop comfortably as they look to replace their mattresses.”

A supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminations for the bedding, automotive health care and home furnishings industries, Precision Textiles introduced testing kits for mattresses and upholstery at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of the company’s SlumberShield branded line of mattress and pillow protection, each kit contains a mattress and pillow sheet that retail sales associates can spread out when consumers lie down on mattresses in the store.

The testing kits include a disposable flat mattress cover and a disposable pillow cover. The thin fabric is made of an anti-microbial polyester-rayon blend that is soft to the touch, does not crinkle and does not impact the feel of the mattress or pillow.

Recently, Fox Business’ Varney & Company featured the testing kits during a live segment about the resurgence of mattress sales that was filmed in an American Mattress store outside of Chicago. The retailer credited the product with helping to make customers more comfortable to lay on mattresses in their showroom.

About Precision Textiles: Founded in 1987, Totowa, New Jersey-based Precision Textiles is a global supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminates for companies in the mattress, home furnishings, automotive and health care industries, as well as military apparel. With a specialized emphasis on flame retardant compliant materials designed for use in mattresses and sleep products, the company manufactures its family of products at its 250,000-square-foot headquarters that includes a state-of-the-art laboratory, factory and warehouse. The company also holds four additional warehouses strategically located in the U.S., as well as two warehouses in Asia. For more information, visit www.PrecisionTextiles-USA.com.


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