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STORIS Partners with Acima Credit to Provide Additional Financing Solutions to Customers

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STORIS has announced that through a partnership with Acima Credit, STORIS retailers will have additional options to provide financing solutions to customers through the Point of Sale platform they’ve already come to trust. For 30 years, the STORIS team has provided retailers in the home furnishings industry with the technology solutions they need to stay on the leading edge of point of sale, inventory control, and financial accounting, among many other operational functions.

The partnership will allow furniture, bedding, and appliance retailers already using STORIS software solutions to take advantage of the Acima no-credit-needed financing system through their user friendly, unified commerce platform.

Acima Credit’s Dan Felsing said customer requests for an integrated solution inspired the partnership.

“We are pleased to offer STORIS retailers more options in the important no-credit financing space. The addition of Acima as a certified finance partner enables home furnishings retailers to service a greater volume of customers,” STORIS Director of Application Development Marybeth Feeney said.

Top 100 Retailer Haynes and The Dump are already taking advantage of this new partnership.

"By adding Acima as a credit provider, along with our existing providers, it gives our sales associates yet another method of taking care of our customers. Further, the integration to STORIS’ Finance Queue expedites the process of offering Acima financing at the Point of Sale,” Haynes and The Dump Vice President of I.T. and CIO, Scott Downs said.

Acima Credit specializes in financing options for the estimated 40 percent of Americans who suffer from damaged credit scores or a lack of credit history. With a 90-day payment option and direct reporting to Experian, Acima Credit helps consumers spread payments over time and establish a credit history, which drive additional sales and revenue for the business community.

By offering financing options for those with low FICO scores (or no credit history at all), Acima Credit helps merchants increase revenue and gain customers that would have been lost to credit denial.

Additional credit options will help boost the sales of retailers participating through the STORIS software platform, as it will provide previously unavailable options for underserved consumers.

For more information, visit both the Acima and STORIS websites.

More about Acima: Acima Credit empowers consumers and merchants with No Credit Needed point-of-sale financing solutions underwritten by machine learning technology. Consumers love the expanded purchasing power that Acima provides. Merchants love expanding their businesses into underserved demographics at no additional cost to them. Both customers and merchants applaud the speed, ease, and convenience of the Acima approval process. Acima is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence software and a world-class team of technologists and support staff. We’re in the business of expanding options for buyers and sellers alike.

More about STORIS: Founded in 1989, STORIS continues to be the leading provider of Retail Software Solutions and Services to the home furnishing industry. Over 400 clients utilize STORIS’ Unified Commerce Solution, which includes point of sale, inventory management, merchandising, eCommerce, mobile POS, kiosk, business intelligence, CRM, supply chain management, accounting, and more.

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