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BEDGEAR’s Eugene Alletto To Receive First Joseph Cory Leadership Award

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The Greater Metropolitan Home Furnishings Association (GMFA) announced that Eugene Alletto, Quarterback/Founder and CEO of BEDGEAR has been chosen to receive the first Joseph Cory Leadership Award.

Retailers, manufacturers, representatives and industry suppliers will gather to honor Mr. Alletto this November at the Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association’s Dinner and Dance on November 17t, 2018. This annual event, a festive kick-off to the holiday season, will be held at The Palisadium, Cliffside Park, NJ. It’s just minutes from the George Washington Bridge.

Eugene Alletto is the innovator and creative force behind the fast-growth brand of BEDGEAR PERFORMANCE lifestyle products. Eugene has propelled BEDGEAR to rank on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies and Crain’s New York Fastest Growing 50 Companies in 2013 and 2014. Eugene was also announced as the winner of the 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in New York and was most recently presented with a Retail Innovator Award at the Retail Innovation Conference in May 2018. With over 4,000 stores in more than nine countries today, Eugene has built an international reputation as a retail theorist, helping enhance the store experience of BEDGEAR’s partners and inspiring employees, students and consumers around the world. He believes in being a global ambassador and building a brand without borders, with a vision of creating world peace through trade – and the tolerance that stems from sufficient sleep – one pillow at a time.

Propelled by his passion for helping others, Eugene created the BEDGEAR Foundation in 2015, donating over $1 million to charities last year.

“I along with my family and the Cory Executive Team,” said Patrick Cory CEO of Cory Companies,  “I am pleased to announce Eugene Alletto, CEO of BEDGEAR as recipient of the first Joseph Cory Leadership Award.  Eugene’s success in business and charitable contributions to both the City of Hope and the ADL personify my father’s vision, passion and commitment to all  relationships and friendships built on loyalty and trust.  It is truly an honor and we are so proud to have Eugene accept this award.”

In thanking Patrick and his family, Eugene stated, “When Patrick Cory shared his vision for creating an award to honor his Dad and asked me to be the first to represent it, I had to accept with deep gratitude. Joe was an exceptional human being who believed we are in the people business, not the trucking or furniture businesses. Joe always found a way to move his business forward, and NOT by imitating or playing unfairly.  He was a real stand-up person and someone that made an effort to support us all.”

Ron Cooper, GMFA’s President and Vice President of Sales & Marketing at PMP Sales, added, “GMFA is proud to honor Eugene Alletto of BEDGEAR with the Joseph Cory Leadership Award, Karen Arakelian the Owner of White House Designs For Life with the Retailer of the Year Award,  and Representative Harris Kirsch, GMFA’s Vice President,  with the Representative of the Year Award. GMFA’s Board and I look forward to enjoying a fun-filled evening with industry friends, great food, open bar, dancing and some of the best entertainment in the Tristate area this November.”

Reservations and Souvenir Journal: To get more information on attending this event, or to participate in a souvenir journal being prepared to honor Eugene, Karen and Harris, please contact Alan Granetz, Executive Director, MFA, (908) 725-3460, email greatermfa@gmail.com.

More about GMFA: The Greater Metropolitan Furnishings Association is a not-for-profit organization designed to foster, promote and protect the interests of retailers, representatives, designers, manufacturers, and service related industries in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Affiliated with the representatives’ association IHFRA, GMFA works to foster a spirit of mutual respect and esteem among members in the home furnishings industry, hosts networking and social events, educational seminars, provides valuable discounts and is a voice for industry interests on national, regional and local levels.

Questions about this release? Contact Alan Granetz, Executive Director – GMFA at (908) 725-3460, or email greatermfa@gmail.com.

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