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Ante4Autism Announces New Sponsors, Guest Speaker

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Ante4Autism recently announced that Jackson McQuiston, son of Mike McQuiston, President of Symbol, will be speaking to the crowd prior to this year's charity poker tournament, afterwhich he will play in the event for the 1st time. Jackson is 21 and lives in Richmond, Virginia. Currently he is attending a program called “Courage To Succeed” for high functioning adults with Autism.  He also works at Home Depot and is taking welding classes at a local community college.We look forward to hearing from Jackson.

Sponsors for the 11th annual event include Karl & Cathi Glassman, as a $5,000 Platinum sponsor, HFA Next Generation Now, Coconis Furniture, Custom Fundraising Solutions and Malouf as the most recent $1,000 Silver sponsors to the event and Richmond Furniture Gallery as a $500 Bronze sponsor. 

This will be the 1st year HFA Next Generation Now has partnered with Ante4autism and they will have a special table at the event for their members.  All these sponsors join Leggett & Platt Inc. as the Presenting sponsor and Symbol Mattress as the Final Table sponsor for the 2019 event to be held at the Golden Nugget – Saturday, January, 26th, 2019.  Also, sponsoring the 2019 event are:  $10,000 Diamond Sponsors: Ashley Furniture & Furniture First, $5,000 Platinum Sponsors:  Protect A Bed & Eclipse International/Eastman House, $2,500 Gold Sponsor:  Planned Furniture Promotions, $1,000 Silver sponsor Big Sandy Superstore, $500 Bronze Sponsors Englander/Englander President & CEO Kevin Toman and Joyce Cassen, MD for her sponsorship.

The 11th annual Ante4Autism event will be held in the Grand Event Center of the Golden Nugget.  There will be a silent auction and live auction for some very special items.  Sponsorship guidelines are on the web site (Ante4autism.com), with a complete explanation of each level of sponsorship.  Sponsors can sign on there and players can sign up to register to play now on the web site ($150 entry fee) or by contacting Doug Krinsky.   

Celebrities Jeryl Prescott from “The Walking Dead” fame and William Hung (Sang “She Bangs, she bangs” – on American Idol) will be playing in the event this year for the 1st time, in addition to the dozens of other celebrities playing.  Past celebrities to have played: Nicholas Gonzalez, Erik Seidel, Jennifer Harmon, Frank Kassela, Kenna James, Chip Jett, Karina Jett, Jeff Madsen, Kevyn Major Howard, The Duke of Fremont, Bryan Caraway, Dennis Haskins, Scott Flansburg, Taylor Barton, Jose Canseco, Jacqueline & Chris Laurita, Ricardo Laguna, and Erik Aude.

The 5 Autism charities who will receive proceeds from the 11th Ante4autism event are:  Reece School in NYC, Stynchula Foundation, Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism, National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio and Autism Speaks. Co-Hosts of the Ante4autism event:  Joseph Amato, Stuart Carlitz, Randy Coconis, Karina Jett, Doug Krinsky, Mike McQuiston, Anthony Mehran, Phil Miner, Allen Parvizian, Myra Stone, and Jerry Williams.    

More about Ante4Autism: Ante4Autism is an annual charity poker tournament held before the Las Vegas Winter Market. The tournament benefits various autism related charities.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are diagnosed in 1 in 59 children in the United States according to the CDC!!  It is 4 times more prevalent in boys than girls. ASD occurs in all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The Co-Hosts are committed to helping the families and individuals impacted by Autism in any way they can.

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