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Artistic Sensations Internet Furniture Sales Tip #2: The Discovery

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Now that your site has met your customer and have a working relationship, you have earned the right to ask some questions about what products they are trying to find.

A well-designed site that is organized can and should make this process intuitive. When it comes to design, if you’re making your customer think, then you are failing. Ideally, your customer should be able to browse to their product without a sweat. There are tools that can assist with this process.

A search box is invaluable. However, you cannot be dependent on it. Make it a last resort for your customer.

Call-to-actions that are relevant to the foundation of your product line make the purchasing process simple. Don’t place too much emphasis on products that are not your core focus.

ArtisticSensations.com has taken it one step farther and implemented a 24-hour Chat Line that pops up. They have design experts available around the clock to help their customers find what they need and to ensure they don’t get lost and leave the website unhappy.

About Kim Gellman: Kim Gellman, owner of Artistic Sensations, sells kids bedding and furniture online and has been in business for 15 years.

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