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Leather Sales Education Guide - Part 1

This two-part series is a complete guide for retail owners, buyers and sales professionals that details leather features, benefits and advantages. It also includes best retail practices from a panel of industry experts.

Retail Success Story: Toms Price

A case study on thriving through four generations. Chicago area based retail chain shares secrets on how they’ve stayed successful when so many mid to high-end stores have not.

Retail: Also A Game of Failure?

Moving from failing 80% of the time to only 70% of the time, your sales volume goes up by 50%. It’s a lot like Baseball in terms of hitting and coaching.

Big Time Social Media Bottom Line Boost - Part 2

To stand out from the crowd you must become the most trusted authority on home furnishings and mattress sets in your marketing area. You must learn to tie peripheral type E beliefs to deeper type D, authority figure beliefs as described in this article.

LED Lighting Update 2014

Here’s the latest on price drops and quality improvements for the 4th generation of LED’s.

Sales Process Engineering 2014 - Part 2

You will never maximize your customer opportunities, your store sales and your profitability without a sales staff that controls the sales interaction from start to finish.

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Stanley Sophia

Posted 3/16/2014

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BURROWS dresser 1856

Posted 4/17/2014

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Volume 144 NO.2 March/April issue cover photo

Cover Photo: Click here to view the latest digital edition. This unique group from Legends Furniture includes a platform bed with directional LED lighting and dresser with electric fireplace insert. For more information visit legendsfurniture.com.

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