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Gold Bond Expanding S-Series Collection

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Independent mattress manufacturer Gold Bond recently announced that it is expanding its top-selling S-Series with Serene Comfort Foam by adding a 12-inch profile to the collection. The new mattress includes two inches of Avena foam for a plusher, more luxurious sleep surface.

Initially introduced in 2015, the collection’s popularity has continued to grow, and retailers requested a thicker, plusher mattress in the line in response to consumer wants. The addition of a four-pound layer of Avena on top of the Serene Comfort Foam increases the mattress’ buoyancy.

“The mattress featuring Avena gives the S-Series line a boost in sleep technology,” said Robert Naboicheck, president of Gold Bond. “This combination has returned the focus to the sleep surface of the bed-in-the-box category to create a more buoyant, supportive mattress that can be easily shipped.”

The 12-inch mattress addition includes foam supplier Carpenter’s non-heat sensitive Serene Comfort Foam with active air technology for a cooler, drier, more comfortable sleep surface as well as the Avena, a fired retardant and eco-friendly foam that adjusts to the body’s contours and offers support as the body rests into the foam.

The additional design joins the S-Series’ 8-inch and 10-inch models for a complete offering of the today’s popular mattress heights.

“Our S-Series with Serene has quickly become one of our most popular lines, and our retailers were asking us for a 12-inch model to round out our offering,” Naboicheck said. “Both of the original models have been extremely popular with consumers, and the additional mattress will help boost sales among consumers looking for a taller profile.”

Like the others in the collection, the new 12-inch model features a contemporary look dressed in a non-quilted stretch knit cover with a charcoal grey border. The retail price range for the three-mattress collection spans $649 to $999 in queen.

More about Gold Bond: Founded in 1899, Gold Bond is one of the nation’s largest family-operated independent mattress, specialty sleep and futon manufacturers.  The company is a leader in mattress manufacturing techniques and more than a century of experience bring product innovations, high manufacturing standards and executive leadership to the industry. Gold Bond products incorporate the latest comfort technologies in their futons and mattresses, such as Talalay Latex, encased coils and visco-elastic memory foam.

Gold Bond currently ships to 40 states and five countries, and its products are available at more than 500 retail showrooms.  For more information, visit www.GoldBondMattress.com.

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