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Articles published in 2019

HFA Reports: Retail Rules & Regulations  - 12/8/2019

A review of national and local legislative and regulatory activity.

So-Called Knowledgeable & Friendly Salespeople  - 12/8/2019

Many store owners claim that their sales teams are knowledgeable and friendly.

Retail Observer: Loading... 2020  - 12/8/2019

A look back to what was, where our industry is today, and the actions it is well advised to take in 2020

Editor's Corner: Your attitude Stinks Today... You're Fired!  - 12/8/2019

True FRIENDLY salespeople can turn a shopper into a friend by treating their store like a home and inviting guests to visit.

The Turnover Challenge  - 12/7/2019

Tracking employee turnover will lead to greater sales and profit.

Retail Success: Jennifer Furniture  - 12/7/2019

Jennifer Furniture has risen like a Phoenix following a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in 2010 and its acquisition by Morris Holdings.

HFA Reports: Millennial Marketing  - 12/7/2019

Studio 28 was supposed to cater to Iowa’s millennials. It does that and so much more.

HFA Reports: CEO Summit  - 12/7/2019

Retailers discuss strategies for recovering market share from giant online furniture vendors.

HFA Reports: Charitable Giving  - 12/7/2019

Three home furnishings retailers explain why it pays to give.

Editor's Corner: Don't Fall Off the Roof!  - 10/14/2019

How the in-store furniture shopping experience can be more like going to the emergency room than urgent care.

Retail Success: Kensington Furniture  - 10/12/2019

More than a century ago, Meyer Max launched his family’s venture into home furnishings retailing in Kensington, PA.

HFA Reports: Fall Means HFA's Retail Resource Center at High Point Market  - 10/12/2019

During High Point Market, HFA will present over two dozen educational seminars.

HFA Reports: Garden City Furniture  - 10/12/2019

Garden City Furniture keeps its store image fresh. When is the last time your store received a makeover?

HFA Reports: Sheely's Furniture  - 10/12/2019

New owners at Sheely's Furniture keep the retailer's 150 employees in the loop and fully invested.

HFA Reports: Tepperman’s Furniture  - 10/12/2019

Tepperman’s newest store in Ancaster, Ontario goes by the "book".

HFA Reports: New Online Sales Tax Legislation Affecting B&M Retailers  - 10/12/2019

After the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, many furnishings retailers still don't see a level playing field.

Kids Say the Darndest Things  - 10/12/2019

Advice from a half- dozen half pints that may just help you grow your retail furniture business.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Exchanges  - 10/12/2019

What are the best ways, for both store and customer, to handle product exchanges?

Point/Counterpoint: Evolution of Millennial Shopping Behavior  - 10/12/2019

Ed and Bill debate the ways millennials are likely to change as they reach their peak furniture buying years.

The Merchandising Matrix  - 10/12/2019

The Merchandising Matrix is the starting point for retailers to adjust square footage allocations for optimal results.

The State of Sustainability  - 10/12/2019

An update on what home furnishings retailers and manufacturing brands are doing to help save the planet.

How to Grow Your Business  - 9/29/2019

This sales formula for growth will help you take actions that will directly impact the strength of your retail business.

Design & Designer: Jaye Anna Mize  - 9/29/2019

Fashion Snoops' Jaye Anna Mize shares what brands and retailers can do to connect the dots between culture, consumer behavior and new product development.

Case Study: Marketing Effectiveness Metrics  - 7/15/2019

Retailer "A" has a bigger ad budget. Retailer "B" uses more digital media. Which one gets better returns?

Design & Designer: Lisa Mende  - 7/15/2019

Interior designer, blogger, style spotter and influencer Lisa Mende shares her perspectives on uniquely southern design, new trends and more.

Jeopardy!: I'll Take Bedding for $800  - 7/15/2019

Take a few cues from Jeopardy's big winner James Holzhauer, and you just might WIN BIG at retail!

HFA Reports: Pop Up Store  - 7/15/2019

It’s time to pop the question. Is a pop-up store right for your furniture store? Kim Pellett tells all.

HFA Reports: Exclusive Furniture  - 7/15/2019

HFA member Sam Zavary got his work ethic honestly – from his father.

HFA Reports: Government Regulations  - 7/15/2019

Tip-over problem warrants "highest attention".

HFA Reports: Retail survival story  - 7/15/2019

Resilience keeps 114 year old Kurlancheek Home Furnishings in business.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Bedding Exam  - 7/15/2019

What RSAs know, or may not know, but should know about the business of selling bedding. Take this quiz and find out!

A Winning Retail Experience  - 7/15/2019

How your store can create a winning retail experience that turns your customers into promoters.

Editor's Corner  - 7/15/2019

Here come the lizards! Words and phrases RSAs should avoid.

Retail Success: Furniture Fair  - 7/11/2019

Starting with a single 7,000 square foot store, Kentucky-based Furniture Fair has 11 locations, 300 plus employees, and growing!

Point/ Counterpoint: Marketing Toolbox For Furnishings Retailers  - 7/10/2019

When money is tight, you have to out-think and outsmart rather than outspend your competition. Bill and Ed debate, and rank by effectiveness, retail marketing tools.

Missing the Media Mark? Your Best Inside Ad Campaign Ever!  - 6/2/2019

Even the best retail marketers often miss the mark on the #1 target group that can affect an up or down swing in a home furnishings store business.

Grocery Store Conversion Trend: Right Size, Right Cost  - 6/2/2019

How Kloss Furniture used a grocery store conversion to achieve lower overhead, great parking and location.

100 Years Ago in Furniture World Magazine  - 6/2/2019

More troubles in the 1919 issues of Furniture World Magazine

Editors Corner: Thinking About Retail Ethics  - 6/2/2019

I don't see how any retailer can go wrong by keeping these principles in mind.

The North Star of Retail: Average Sale  - 5/30/2019

How one retailer grew sales volume by creating a strategy and a company-wide laser-focus based on average sale improvement.

Retail Success: Domaci  - 5/30/2019

Domaci is a wonderland for eclectically minded, environmentally motivated consumers and perceptive designers.

Retail Ethics: Do you Measure Up?  - 5/30/2019

Most mature, adults would say that they know right from wrong. If it is that easy, then why don’t all retail players act ethically all the time?

Nuts & Bolts Delivery Promises  - 3/24/2019

Sure fire ways to get to 99 percent perfect first time deliveries.

Don't Get Hacked!  - 3/24/2019

Seven ways to protect any retail business from hackers.

100 Years Ago In Furniture World  - 3/24/2019

One damn thing after another in 1919.

Editor's Corner: Spring Cleaning  - 3/24/2019

Bringing joy to your customers and the Marie Kondo effect.

Sales Psych  - 3/23/2019

To compete for the attention of millennial HENRYs, it takes more than great design, discount prices, social media and newspaper ads.

Design & Designer Series: Jeanne Chung  - 3/23/2019

Interior designer, retailer, style spotter & influencer shares her thoughts.

What's Your Store Worth?  - 3/23/2019

Why a formal valuation process can help to maximize long-term value.

Retail Success: BILTRITE at 90  - 3/23/2019

Seven days of business in six, with a focus on creating work-life balance.

Better Bedding Series: Art of Negotiating  - 3/23/2019

If you've decided to negotiate, here's what you need to know.

Point/Counterpoint: Higher Education  - 3/23/2019

Is the state of our educational system a big problem for our industry?

Crazy Bedding Promotions!  - 3/23/2019

Can you come up with an off-the-wall promotion to boost bedding sales?

Training: Getting Up to Speed  - 3/23/2019

Should retailers use YouTube for sales training to reduce turnover?

Employee Accountability in 2019  - 1/11/2019

Processes and checks must be put in place to ensure accountability in retail furniture workplaces.

Independent Retailers: Let's Do This  - 1/11/2019

It's not all doom and gloom for independent retailers.

The Stuff Retail Dreams Are Made On  - 1/11/2019

Chances are pretty good that William Shakespeare never shopped at a mattress store...

Editor's Corner: Everyone Loves An Underdog  - 1/11/2019

How can independent retailers compete with online behemoths and expansion hungry top-25 chains?

Bedding & Mattress Sales: Retail Sales Management  - 1/8/2019

Selling is everything in retail. That’s why the sales manager's job is so important.

Give Yourself a Break: Use Active Media in 2019  - 1/8/2019

Without an Active Media Platform in place you are just pouring money into a bucket full of holes.

Design & Designer Series: Keith Baltimore  - 1/6/2019

Interior designer and furnishings retailer Keith Baltimore shares his thoughts about the design & retail experience.

Retail Success: Studio J Home  - 1/6/2019

Recognizing a void in the central Ohio marketplace, June Sedlak Mooney created an artfully selected boutique environment.

Point/CounterPoint: Industry Sales Reps  - 1/2/2019

Will traditional representatives even exist 10 years from now?

How to Choose the Right Supplier  - 1/2/2019

30 Supplier Criteria that should be considered for potential suppliers.