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Twin Star Home Puts Safety First With Patented Electric Fireplace Plug

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Consumers care about style, but when it comes to their homes and families, they care about safety even more. That’s what Twin Star Home, the market leader in electric fireplaces, found when they asked consumers about their priorities.
“Everything we do is through the lens of our consumer and understanding what’s important to them is critical,” said Lisa Cody, Vice President of Marketing for Twin Star Home. “We found that 85 percent of the consumers we surveyed responded that safety is a consideration when they are shopping for heating products, and more than 30 percent of them had had a personal experience with an overheated plug.”
That consumer feedback compelled Twin Star Home to reinforce their focus on safety innovations including the patent pending Safer Plug™ Fire Prevention Technology. The distinctive green plug, standard on most Twin Star Home fireplaces, monitors temperature changes with a tiny built-in thermostat inside the plug that automatically powers off it detects an unsafe condition.
As a member of, and in alignment with the American Home Furnishings Alliance’s (AHFA) efforts to bring safety information to the consumer under the direction of the Consumer Safety Product Commission, Twin Star Home reads and reviews all regulations. Twin Star Home manufactures their products in a safe and responsible way and makes sure their products have all the required information consumers should have. Innovations like SaferPlug™ and Safer Sensor™ are core to Twin Star’s focus on developing meaningful solutions for consumers but are also central to their focus on creating products that will drive growth for dealers.
In addition to the SaferPlug™, many of Twin Star Home’s fireplaces come with the patent pending SaferSensor™, an additional fire prevention technology that automatically shuts off the heater if something blocks the heating element. Twin Star Home’s fireplaces remain cool to the touch and do not emit fumes or smoke, which is also safer for the environment.
"Twin Star Home has an ongoing commitment to innovation in home furnishings with an emphasis on safety based on consumer research,” said Cody.  “We talk to consumers constantly, and even more important, we listen.”

About Twin Star: Twin Star Home of Delray Beach, FL is an award-winning manufacturer of home furnishings, including electric fireplaces and furniture, many with integrated media solutions. Twin Star Home combines the latest trends with consumer-driven innovation and design-rich style to create lasting products that enhance consumers’ lives. Twin Star Home is recognized for its trusted national brands: ClassicFlame®, Duraflame, Bell’O, Tresanti and ChimneyFree. Find out more at www.twinstarhome.com.

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