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Pure LatexBLISS Reports Positive Results From “Learn and Earn” Online Training Program.

Furniture World News Desk on 1/23/2013

Pure LatexBLISS  reported that its “Learn and Earn” program has seen incredible success among retail sales associates throughout the country. In August, the company launched an online training portal featuring a series of short videos designed to educate RSAs on key messaging, branding and product benefits. At the end of each video, participants complete a quiz on the content covered to collect points that can be redeemed for more than 800 prizes – including cruises, electronics and jewelry – in the Pure LatexBLISS “Awards Mall.”

The initiative was built in collaboration with the award-winning Incentive Team, based in Atlanta, known for creating state-of-the-art training and incentive programs. Conceptually the company wanted to go beyond the old school training methodology of “coffee, donuts and Saturday morning sales meetings” and design an interactive module that appealed to RSAs of all ages. The goal was to create video vignettes that were entertaining, fun and educational.

Since feedback on the interactive Learn and Earn program has been overwhelmingly positive, Pure LatexBLISS is bringing it to life in its showroom at the upcoming Las Vegas Market. The company will feature a large roulette wheel that retailers and buyers can spin to receive points for their accounts.

RSAs who take advantage of the training model have seen their sales of Pure LatexBLISS products increase. Scott Zaborowski, an RSA at Best Mattress Buys in Florida, logs on to the site every day and touts the benefits of the training videos as especially informative and highly interactive.

“Since I have started using the Learn and Earn program, I have increased my sales of Pure LatexBLISS mattresses. The videos are entertaining and provide key selling points and background information about the company that is helpful when introducing customers to latex products,” says Zaborowski. “I have participated in other incentive programs at other businesses, but prizes were never guaranteed. With this program you can easily earn points and buy what you would like.”

Zaborowski adds that he hasn’t cashed in his points yet. “I am saving them up for the five-day cruise, which will hopefully be my honeymoon in a few months.”

“We believe that the RSA is an integral part of our growing company so we have made an investment in training them,” said Pure LatexBLISS President Kurt Ling. “Since implementing the program, we’ve seen an increase of sales of our products. RSAs are learning, having fun and earning points. We’ve heard some individuals have already cashed in for six or seven prizes. Our incentives drive them to truly learn about our products, allowing them to sell our offerings more efficiently, so it is a win-win situation for us.”

To experience the roulette wheel and other Pure LatexBLISS offerings at Las Vegas Market, visit space B-945.

About Pure LatexBLISS: Atlanta-based Pure LatexBLISS is one of the fastest growing luxury mattress brands in the world, manufacturing and marketing ultra premium mattresses made with the finest components available and delivering unprecedented value. When founded, Pure LatexBLISS used contract manufacturers and logistics partners. Today, the company does business in 14 countries with regional distribution centers in the United Kingdom, France, Asia, Canada, Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Texas, Connecticut, and Portland (OR). Pure LatexBLISS has five showrooms worldwide in Brussels, Belgium, High Point, NC, Las Vegas, NV, Shelton, CT and Tupelo, MS. For more information, please visit www.latexbliss.com.