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Swan Retail Announces Acquisition of Touchretail

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Swan Retail recently announced the acquisition of Touchretail. Touchretail is a provider of retail systems that will further extend the scope and range of solutions and grows its customer base beyond 500 companies.
Employing a team of 16, Touchretail adds an established and innovative cloud-based retail management and EPoS solution that includes a suite of add-on functionality including warehouse management, loyalty and third-party system integration with mainstream accounts packages and web providers. The business will continue to operate from its Staffordshire headquarters, giving Swan a fifth UK office and 93 employees, in addition to the first US office set up earlier in 2019. Touchretail will also integrate to Swan’s new Cygnus EPoS platform, which is due for launch in September and will provide retailers with a truly agnostic POS solution.
By adding Touchretail to the growing group, Swan has ensured it has a solution for every size of retailer across almost every sector, whilst increasing group annual turnover to £6 million.
“We’re extremely excited about this acquisition,” said David Thompson, Swan Retail Group Managing Director. “Every acquisition or business decision is a strategic one and the strategy behind this deal was to add a like-minded and forward-thinking organization that had a significant foothold within cloud-based retail solutions. Touchretail has a broad range of users within fashion and leisure and our overall group offer will only become stronger with Touchretail on board.”
“We’ve grown this business from the ground up and have an enormous amount of pride in what we have achieved,” said Stuart Francis, Touchretail Managing Director. “We have always known about and respected Swan Retail as a leading player within the retail systems market, so the acquisition was not a difficult one to consider and commit to. We’re excited about the next stage of our journey and what we can achieve together as part of a larger entity.”
The acquisition of Touchretail follows the 2018 acquisition of Creative Marketing Ltd, a full-service creative agency that provides digital and eCommerce solutions for the Swan Group, as well as traditional offline marketing services such as brand and marketing strategy, print advertising design, brochure creation, point-of-sale, packaging design, and art direction. The acquisitions are part of a longer-term strategic plan to position Swan Retail as the UK’s leading omni-channel solution for retailers who will be able to manage their entire business both online and offline utilising Swan’s solutions and services.
For more information, visit www.swanretail.co.uk.

About Swan: Swan Retail and our application Furniture Retail System, has worked in partnership with our furniture customers for more than 25 years’ and now has a market leading application. With an in-house development team and industry professionals, we can keep at the forefront of furniture retailing trends, in functionality requirements and advances in technology.For more information, visit swanfrs.com.


About TouchRetail: TouchRetail makes TRIMS Back Office, TRIMS POS, TRIMS CRM and Retail Accounts. With these products, our community of users are successfully growing their retail businesses. We are based in Staffordshire where we develop, support and supply our software worldwide.For more information, visit www.touchretail.co.uk/.

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