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Retail Design Firm NoBoxCreative Gives Top 10 Showroom Design Tips

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While the Covid-19 virus has forced most home furnishings entities to scramble for out-of-the-box solutions, Debbie McGowan, Laura Hardin, and a commercial photographer, Douglas Hawk, have been doing that for clients for some time now and are ready to help new clients up their games as well.

The name of their company, NoBoxCreative, clearly underscores the firm’s approach to helping clients conceptualize and transform ordinary showrooms into extraordinary visual, well-managed experiences.

Here are the “Top 10 Showroom Design Tips” retailers should keep in mind when evaluating and updating their showrooms to drive retail sales.


  1. COLOR TRENDS- Stay on trend with color utilizing accent walls. Soft neutrals on the main walls will allow easily changing up merchandise.

  2. TEXTURE- Use texture in pillows, accessories, and artwork to add interest without drawing attention away from the product.

  3. TRAFFIC FLOW- Having a nice flow with furniture placement will encourage customers to browse the entire showroom.

  4. LIGHTING-The lighting from table and floor lamps add an ambiance that will give the setting a more home-like feeling.

  5. HELP CUSTOMERS TO VISUALIZE- By creating vignettes, this will help a customer visualize their room, while increasing the sales of lamps, rugs, any accents products that you offer.

  6. EXTERIOR WINDOWS- Set up the windows with a lifestyle look. Use chandeliers and table lamps. Keep the front window lights on during closed hours.

  7. GREETER- Have an assigned greeter. This will make the shoppers feel welcomed and start their relationship with the salespeople.

  8. SOCIAL MEDIA- Make it work for you! Post images that are inspirational.

  9. BRANDING- Develop a specific brand for your store. Carry this concept throughout all aspects of design and advertising.

  10. VISUALLY CLEAN- Always keep the area with catalogs and collateral materials out of sight of customers. Keep it organized and tidy.


About NoBoxCreative:  Debbie McGowan and Laura Hardin have extensive backgrounds in showroom design, both residential and commercial interior design, set design and styling for commercial photography, furniture sales and showroom management. This allows them to provide one-stop solutions for market exhibitors. McGowan says, ”As a result of being involved in all of these disciplines, we've been able to really understand the customer's needs and expectations. Our showrooms have a personality and a purpose. We want the buyers to feel like they are at home.”

Hawk's creative eye for composition and his impeccable lighting techniques create drama and ambiance to the showrooms and also the photography.  His experience and knowledge of the photography industry helps NoBoxCreative to create unity between how retail customers see displays both in stores and in marketing materials. 


For more information on showroom design and/or photography projects, contact the company at info@noboxcreative.net or check out their website at www.NoBoxCreative.net.


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