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Bienenstock Furniture Library Announces 2017 Interior Design Competition Winners

Furniture World News Desk on 3/12/2017

First Place Awardee for Interior Design, Liliana Hasbun, Savannah College of Art & Design.

Last week the Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library Board of Directors announced the winners of design competitions that awarded two $5,000 scholarships to distinguished scholars to continue studies in their respective fields of Interior and Furniture Design.  In addition to the $5,000 awards, each has been given memberships in the ASFD and ASID professional associations and their schools will receive $1,000 to use in their academic programs.  

The Bienenstock scholarships are open to any junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in an accredited college design program and have awarded more than $430,000 in scholarship money.  The winning entry can be downloaded from this winners link.
This is the first of a two part release announcing the winners and finalists of the Interior Design Competition.  The second scholarship for Furniture Design will be announced next week.

Second-place winners were Chris Webster, California State University at Long Beach for Furniture, and Britnie Cowling, San Diego Mesa College for Interior Design.  Each second-place winner will receive a $1,500 scholarship to be applied to continuing education.

Finalists in the Interior Design competition included: Valerie O'Bryan Wilson, Saddleback College, Gabriella Andrade, SCAD, Hannah Viparina, SCAD, Andrea Paton-Ash, George Washington University, Brianne Beal, George Washington University, Laura Hendershott, San Diego Mesa College, Kristin Till, Saddleback College, Yument Lou, SCAD, Jingxian Xu, SCAD, Heath Smith, Randolph Community College, Joevannah Harris, Virginia Tech, Elaine DaSilva, Virginia Tech, Sarah Troegner, Virginia Tech, and Nicole Long, Appalachian State University.

"Our founder, Sandy Bienenstock, advanced his long-standing desire to invest in the education and future of the furniture industry by establishing the Library itself and by initiating the Bienenstock Scholarships," said Russell Bienenstock, president of the Library Board.  "The intention of these scholarships is to encourage and inspire the best and most creative minds and help them to develop their talents.  To that end, this is the fourth year we added a scholarship for interior design to our long-standing award in furniture design, creating two substantial national scholarships."
These competitions are a collaborative effort among the ASFD, ASID and the Furniture Library. The ASID sponsors the interior design competition by providing actual projects, and is judged by a jury of design professionals in the home furnishings industry.  The library hosts the competition and funds the scholarships.  This is an annual competition and a new contest will be announced in May of 2017.

Interior Design Competition
Entrants were asked to design a skybox for a music company incorporating commercial and residential components. Among the elements the entry needed to include the company's logo, it's musical style and sustainable furnishings.  The quality of the entries was so profound that 16 entries were worthy of being finalists.  There were 47 entries from 13 different colleges.

Judges for Interior Design:  Christi Spangle, Barbour Spangle Designs; Bri Verstat, Barbour Spangle Designs; June Anderson, ASID; Kara Cox, Kara Cox Interiors, Marilyn Russell, Marilyn Ashley Design Associates, Rose Dostal, RMD Designs, Gwen Emery, NCSU; and Jessica Alpert, Gensler.Head Judge Christi Spangle, "thrilled with the participation from different colleges this year and were impressed with the nice variety of genres used in this project.  It gave a great opportunity to the students to show their personal aesthetic."
First Place was awarded to Liliana Hasbun, a senior international student at The Savannah College of Art & Design, Judge Christi Spangle and Judge June Anderson "liked her attention to detail."  Judge Kara Cox "loved that she did extensive research of the music genre", Judge Bri Verstat "very colorful and had bold consideration to architectural detail."

When asked to explain her approach to the project, Liliana says that as one enters the skybox, the user encounters, warm contrasting finishes, pure fluttering volumes, honest materials and an inviting furniture selection. In the lounge, guests can mingle, collaborate with musicians, or remain in awe of musical expression while the space quietly complements the developing energy."

On the second level, a conference room invites collaboration yet remains flexible by providing the option for seclusion with a sliding wall panel.  "Once inside the bedroom, a full hospitality suite wraps the user with intimate client specific tones and selections."  Detailed floor plans and mood boards can be found on the library's website at www.furniturelibrary.com.

When asked why she chose to pursue interior design, Liliana responded "I believe interior spaces directly affect a person's behavior and quality-of-life.  This career allows me to channel my creative talents in ways that upgrade mental well-being.
According to Monica Letourneau, Professor, Interior Design at The Savannah College of Art and Design the Bienenstock Competition was her first interior design studio project at (SCAD).  "Early on, her creative thinking and enthusiasm for all facets the design process was evident. Throughout the process, she often stated that she wanted the final design to offer users a strong emotional connection that comes from soul music. She captured the soulful concept through the intense layering of wall and ceiling movements that engage with multiple patterns and textures of finishes. These combine to create dynamic moments for personal interactions throughout the skybox. It is about music for everyone, and a statement about cultural inclusiveness for our own time. Liliana is passionate about producing design that aims to surprise and engage people with an interior environment. We are proud of Liliana's achievement, and thankful for the support that this competition award offers."

Download the complete release as a PDF

Download the winning entry

More About The Bienenstock Scholarships: The annual Bienenstock Scholarship competitions are open to any junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in an accredited college program of furniture design or interior design. Since 1984, the Library has awarded more than $430,000 in scholarships to students in hundreds of colleges and universities.  Judging is blind-with no name or college shown with the submission.  A distinguished panel of industry experts juried each competition. 
The 2017 winners will be awarded their $5,000 scholarships, along with respective one-year student membership in ASFD or ASID, during High Point Market in April. Second place winners each receive a $1,500 scholarship and the colleges representing the first place winners each receive $1,000 towards their programs.

More about Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library: The Bernice Bienenstock Furniture Library is a worldwide center for research, design, and collaboration.  It holds the world's largest collection of rare and significant books on the history and design of furniture, with more than 5,000 volumes.

The Library is located in High Point, NC and is open to members of the home furnishings industry, students and the general public.  The Library was founded in 1970 with an endowment from Furniture World Magazine and the Bienenstock family. It is supported by a board of directors from nearly every facet of the home furnishings industry.  It is devoted the advancement of knowledge about design, furniture, interiors, architecture, textiles, finishes, and constructions. 

The Library's rare book collection contains volumes published since 1543.  A special climate controlled room houses these rare volumes.  It is a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone interested in home furnishings and interior design.  

The Library's facilities include the Vuncannon Seminar Room, the high tech Hadley Court Center For Design Collaboration and the Pat Plaxico Sculpture Gardens.  These areas are available for seminars, classes, events, meetings, design collaborations, networking and design retreats for a small honorarium.

In addition, the Library operates a specialty bookstore selling significant contemporary works, out-of-print, and hard-to-find volumes. For more information visit www.furniturelibrary.com or contact Karla Webb, Library Director at info@furniturelibrary.comor 336-883-4011. The easiest way to stay up to date on the developments of the library is to "LIKE" its Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/BienenstockFurnitureLibrary

More about the ASID: ASID is a community of people driven by a common love for design and committed to the belief that interior design, as a service to people, is a powerful, multifaceted profession that can positively change people's lives. Through education, knowledge sharing, advocacy, community building and outreach, the Society strives to advance the interior design profession and, in the process, to demonstrate and celebrate the power of design to positively change people's lives. Its more than 30,000 members engage in a variety of professional programs and activities through a network of 48 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Founded in 1975, the American Society of Interior Designers is the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers.  The Society's membership also includes more than 10,500 students of interior design. For more information, visit http://www.asid.org.