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Articles published in 2020

Design & Designer: Corey Damen Jenkins  - 4/3/2020

Designer Corey Damen Jenkins shares his experience about persistence and emerging design trends.

The Power of Family Product Reporting  - 4/2/2020

Here's how one retailer adopted product family reporting to seize control of its inventory and increase GMROI.

Editor's Corner: A Delightful Sense of Mischief  - 1/6/2020

With the passing of 2019 Furniture World lost its good friend and retail editor Janet Holt-Johnstone.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Up-Selling  - 1/4/2020

Get your customers to spend more money than they intended on a mattress, and leave your store happy for spending it!

The Employee Application Challenge  - 1/4/2020

What can you do to make sure your retail operation attracts top talent?

Point/Counterpoint: Gross Margin Rescue  - 1/4/2020

Direct and indirect retail strategies for rescuing gross margins in 2020.

Coaching And Mentoring  - 1/4/2020

How one retailer used the GROW and Cascade of Change models to improve sales performance.

HFA Reports  - 1/4/2020

Members optimistic about retail business heading into 2020.

Need To Know Guide to Consumer Financing  - 1/3/2020

A close-up look at the various types, features & advantages of consumer financing plans.

Welcome to WHY2K20  - 1/3/2020

You only need to look at the innovators and disruptors in our world to see the value in asking WHY.

Multi-Sensory Retailing  - 1/2/2020

How to make an analog connection with shoppers in an increasingly digital world.

Design & Designer: It's Madcap!  - 1/2/2020

Madcap Cottage's John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon explain how to take retail customers on a journey.