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Furniture World Articles by Pam Danziger

Read Her Name is HENRY!

Published: 11/19/2020
Home furnishings retailers really need to lean in on their most valuable prospect. Her name is HENRY.

Read Multi-Sensory Retailing

Published: 1/2/2020
How to make an analog connection with shoppers in an increasingly digital world.

Read Sales Psych

Published: 3/23/2019
To compete for the attention of millennial HENRYs, it takes more than great design, discount prices, social media and newspaper ads.

Read The New Home Furnishings Business

Published: 7/4/2018
A recent study of 350-plus retailers and manufacturers pinpoints growth opportunities for furniture retailers.

Read What To Do When Your Reviews Scream Yelp?

Published: 3/23/2018
Survey of Yelp reviews identifies problem areas for furniture retailers, plus strategies for avoidance/correction.

Read How HENRYs Will Change The Furniture Business in 2018

Published: 11/29/2017
Retailers need to focus on strategic shifts in what these customers want, not on marketing & messaging tactics.