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Read Next Level Sales Training—Connecting With Customers

Published: 3/18/2024
Scott Morris says that many furniture and bedding sales associates habitually try to connect with customers in all the wrong ways.

Read Third-Level Salespeople

Published: 12/28/2023
A first-level retail RSA is focused on product. A second-level RSA is concerned about usage. A third-level salesperson outperforms both by wide margins.

Read Next Level Sales Training—The Art of Persuasion

Published: 11/30/2023
Here’s how a furniture rep achieved rock star status with some cash and an idea. It’s a lesson sales managers and owners can use to get sales results.

Read Next Level Sales Training—Part 13

Published: 9/16/2023
Here are three major insights that can turn a $1 million dollar writer into someone who writes twice or three times that amount.

Read Next Level Training: Know-How Trumps Knowledge!

Published: 7/1/2023
One key perspective and a lot of missing know-how separate your best sales performers from mid and low-level performers. Here’s why.

Read Next Level Training

Published: 6/1/2023
Life-changing success skills advice that store owners and managers will want to pass on to every new hire.

Read Next Level Training: Focus Your Ongoing Training On This!

Published: 3/27/2023
When an RSA suggests adding a mattress to a bedroom set purchase, the sale may start to get complicated and possibly start to go really wrong.

Read Next Level Training: Closing Training You’ve Missed!

Published: 12/30/2022
The secret of the most effective retail sales closers is that they don’t treat closing as a separate step in the sales process.

Read Next Level Training: Better Salespeople Every Day

Published: 12/4/2022
Contributing editor Scott Morris presents ways to help your retail salespeople get better every day.

Read Next Level Sales Training: The Half You've Been Missing!

Published: 9/30/2022
The need to address room issues is vitally important for closing sales and building tickets in furniture stores.

Read Next Level Training: Sales-Type Coaching

Published: 7/13/2022
Knowing the positive and negative qualities of these seven sales types will help you to be a better coach or mentor.

Read Next Level Training: Heart of the Sale

Published: 5/15/2022
Making an engaging product demonstration that builds value, enlightens customers, and convinces them through comparison, helps get the job done.

Read Next Level Training: Closing Moxie!

Published: 3/21/2022
Sol was the best closer in a chain of 23 furniture stores. He passed along the following three selling “moxies” that are still relevant to salespeople today.

Read Next Level Training: After Onboarding

Published: 1/10/2022
Sales training during onboarding often focuses on what’s important to stores. Ongoing training needs to refocus on what’s important to customers.

Read Next Level Training: Customer Experience

Published: 11/21/2021
As pandemic related issues retreat, what exactly might be done to increase the relevance of in-store sales experiences?

Read Next Level Training: Asking the Right Questions

Published: 9/25/2021
Ten proven benefits that flow from asking shoppers the right questions to help them create the right feel for their rooms.